TeLavi Cloud centralizes Cardona Rizal’s internet and voice connectivity to improve its public service and delivery of education

 TeLavi Cloud

Known as a fishing community, the municipality of Cardona in the Rizal province is gearing towards centralization of its Internet and voice connectivity for improved public service, official business, and delivery of education in the today’s wave of technology. 

Cardona Mayor Teodulo C. Campo said, “This initiative will positively impact not only our business and public service sector but also the educational sector especially that Internet is a necessity right now because of the online classes. Also, with this program, certain processes in local government will be alleviated.” 

Mayor Campo added that with the innovative project, it will be easier for their LGU to reach out with their constituent from their 18 barangays, 11 of which are on the mainland and 7 are on Talim Island because the technology that they are acquiring can provide updates done as quickly as possible and is efficient and consistent at the same time. 

Just One Number to Remember 

Gur Lavi Corp. (GLC), one of the fastest growing telecommunications distributors in the country, will provide the technology for this ground-breaking initiative in Cardona using one of its flagship brands – TeLavi Cloud – considered to be a pioneering all-in communication platform in the Philippines today. 

GLC President and CEO Erwin Co believes, “Having Telavi Cloud gives huge advantage for Municipality of Cardona. It will not just improve the communication inside their organization but also their collaboration. They can join an audio conference call with a single click, use individual and group messaging to communicate with colleagues quickly and easily, and it creates workspace for teams where they can chat in real time and share important information especially during calamities.” 

Residents of Cardona only need to remember one number to call to be able to reach the agencies and the offices of the municipality. They just have to dial 8539-2399. 

Co also said that employees of Cardona LGU can stay connected with a robust Telavi Cloud App. Alternatively, they can deploy IP phones at home during this era of remote work and can still be reached by their constituents by dialing their government office landline number. 

“We have similar engagement with different government offices already with the same set up that we did with Cardona, from Barangay as the smallest administrative division to Municipality up to the Provincial Government,” Co shared. 

Other municipalities in Rizal that has tapped the Telavi Cloud technology are Morong, San Mateo and Teresa. 

Project Lead MJ Hernandez explains the other benefits that their technology can provide, “In GLC, it is always our mission to support the community. We understand the challenges that everyone is facing now that’s why we created effective and user-friendly solutions that will connect people wherever they are to institutions or organizations the fastest way possible.” 

Improving Lives in Cardona 

Mayor Campo assures that the Cardona LGU has always been in fact interested in having a centralized Internet and voice connectivity, so when they received a proposal, he immediately acted on this because he knows that this project will improve the lives of his constituents. 

“To my constituents here in Cardona, I hope that this initiative shall ease your daily plight when it comes to Internet connectivity and swear that there will be more projects in the future that will be geared on improving the lives of everyone in here. So, let us continue our support for our municipal leaders from yours truly up to the vice mayor, councilors, barangay captains, and barangay social workers,” Mayor Campo said. 

The Cardona Telavi Cloud project and the centralization of voice and data system are seen as just the start of more innovative projects in the province of Rizal. 

Hernandez emphasized that GLC in partnership with PLDT is always trying to serve LGUs from Barangay as the smallest administrative division to Municipality up to the Provincial Government and are now coordinating and having meetings with different municipalities of Rizal to the Provincial Government to enhance their infrastructure and communication tool. 

“Our aim to any communication system is to ensure clarity of information and thus pave the way for a clutter-free project. The end result should always be increased productivity and ultimately profits, but the journey to get there should be as straightforward as possible, Hernandez said. 

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