How to cope with cabin fever to ensure mental well-being


mental well-being

If you’re feeling extra stressed and anxious by the recent events in the country, and maybe even the world, you’re not alone. It’s perfectly normal to feel this way, especially after being stuck at home for months with nowhere to go and with the constant fear of COVID-19.

Good thing there are many ways you can combat and cope with cabin fever, or that feeling of irritability or restlessness brought on by prolonged isolation or confinement indoors. We’ve listed down some ways to help you better take care of your physical and mental well-being. 

Get a dose of nature 

A change of environment is especially beneficial to our mental health. But it’s particularly challenging to do so with the current pandemic. Still, this doesn’t mean that you can no longer spend a day outdoors to bask in some sunshine and breathe some fresh air. 

If a road trip or a staycation isn’t possible right now, you can always bring nature to you. Open up those windows to let that soft breeze in. Your space will feel less stuffy as you will also air your room out. 

Also, add more indoor plants, especially to your work area, your zen space, or your bedroom. Aside from their added aesthetic, you’ll feel more relaxed and connected to the world outside when you see bursts of green in your home. 

And while you’re at it, play some ambient noises. There are lots of playlists that you can download if you want to hear the sounds of a breeze blowing, birds chirping, or rain falling! They can instantly make your body relax and help ease your mind. 

Get enough exercise 

Discharge some of that restlessness and anxiety by moving your body. You don’t need to run ten miles or hit the gym for this because you can actually invest in your own fitness equipment. 

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But if you don’t plan on making a big exercise equipment purchase, there are also tons of fitness apps that you can download to help you achieve your fitness goals. You can also watch exercise videos online and find one that’s just right for your pace and exercise style. Whether it’s yoga, zumba, or low-impact cardio exercises, stay physically active while you’re stuck at home. 

Keep yourself healthy 

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Enjoy the quiet time 

Find the time to sit in silence, especially when the demands of work, family, or other personal things get too much.

If you have a pair of noise-cancelling headphones or earphones (which you already probably use for work!), use it to shut off the noise around you. Listen to some ambient music, a playlist you love, or watch a few ASMR videos. Take deep breaths to calm you down and help your body and mind to recharge as well. 

Do you love a long, hot shower or a nice and luxurious bath? Take this time to practice mindfulness, envisioning the stress and anxieties being washed away.

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Talk to someone

Reaching out to someone when you need someone to talk to is not a sign of weakness. In fact, it’s a sign that you’re taking charge and doing what must be done to take care of your mental health. 

Unloading your thoughts and feelings can make you feel less alone, lost, or overwhelmed. It may feel awkward at first, so have daily conversations that develop naturally from light to serious. Maybe while having a cup of coffee or through chats and video calls? It really depends on where you’re most comfortable. 

Redecorate or rearrange your space 

Sometimes you also need a good flow of chi in your home. In case you didn’t know, the choice of lighting and colors can affect the energy of a space and the mood of the people living in it. So try to make some quick and simple changes to make your space feel more cozy, habitable, and happy.

First, remove all clutter. A cluttered space contributes to your low energy and stress, making it more challenging for you to be productive and ultimately affecting your mental health. 

You can also rearrange your furniture to make your space feel more open. Make sure to add mood lighting to brighten up a space and positively impact your mood. 

Keep yourself entertained

Sometimes you just need to keep yourself entertained and not take everything so seriously. Why not play some video games, preferably the funny and uncomplicated ones you used to play as a kid? While you’re at it, play your favorite board games with your family, or challenge your friends to fun games online. 

Have a solo dance party and strut your stuff. Binge watch the latest K-drama, watch a cooking or travel show, or even watch cartoons. You can also read a new book, start a blog, or do crossword puzzles. 

Cook something from scratch and let your friends sample it. Or get a pet―pets provide a whole lot of emotional support so easily.

Prioritize self-care

With everything that’s going on in the world right now, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed, anxious, and tired. This is why it’s crucial to keep yourself safe and protect your mental well-being. 

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Getting stuck indoors is challenging in so many ways, but it’s not going to be forever. Take it one day at a time and know that you’re never alone.