InLife Sheroes #InAko campaign champions grassroot engagement


InLife Sheroes

During the InLife Sheroe’s #InAko campaign broadcast live over InLife’s FB page recently, thousands came to watch and engage with program host DJ Chacha and guests as they discussed topics that make a strong, independent, and empowered Filipina. 

The InLife Sheroes #InAko campaign challenges Filipino women to take a deeper understanding of their immense capacity to succeed no matter their personal circumstance, occupation, or station in life. 

InLife Sheroes

This was exemplified through the personal stories by its guests – mompreneur and blogger Shari Poquiz, health advocate Dr. Gia Sison, actress and women’s group prime mover Iza Calzado, and songwriter Abby Asistio – who shared about their experiences of becoming financially independent. 

InLife Financial Advisor Julianne Benitez, who was also part of the event, commended the guests for taking a stand to being financially empowered and shared several tips on how others can start on their journey to financial preparedness. 

The music video “Be A Shero”, composed by Abby Asistio, was also unveiled during the #InAko campaign launch. The song amplifies the message that Filipinas have the capacity to empower herself and calls on others to join the movement for financial transformation. 

Abby Asistio InLife Sheroes

“When we launched InLife Sheroes in 2019, our initial ambition was to touch the lives of one million Filipino women within three years,” said InLife Executive Chairperson Nina D. Aguas. 

She noted that through various activities and engagements with women from all walks of life, InLife achieved and exceeded the goal in just a little over a year. 

“Now that we have successfully touched their lives, it is time to go deeper, to fully explore this engagement so that their financial knowledge will lead to actual financial empowerment,” she added. 

Through the InLife Sheroes #InAko campaign, Insular Life will continue to champion financial empowerment by tapping and enlisting advocates and provide Filipinas equal opportunities for growth towards achieving financial empowerment for herself, her family, and communities, and ultimately for a financially inclusive nation. 

“We become the voice of women who were born without or who lost their voices simply because life happened (covid, gender bias, harassment, war, abuse, deprivation). We work so they are unmuted and find their voices again and regain the right and courage to speak for themselves,” Aguas shared. 

Join the InLife Sheroes Movement and become an empowered Filipina. If you wish to learn about the InLife Sheroes Movement and the #InAko campaign, please visit our website at:; the InLife Shero YouTube channel at; or you many email us as