Staying safe in the new normal


We’ve been battling this pandemic for over a year now. For most of us, it’s been a struggle. But we’ve also somehow gotten used to living life in this ‘new normal’. Working from home, attending online classes, and holding virtual events have allowed us to adapt to the situation and carry on with our lives. 

Yes, we’re living our lives so differently now. But along the way, we’ve also discovered new ways to survive and thrive. Even if it looks like some things will be here to stay, it’s really not so bad―especially if it means our convenience and overall safety. 

Stay protected and keep safe in the new normal, and even in the ‘next normal’, by doing these things: 

Reconnect Safely 

With daily cases going down and more places easing their COVID-19 restrictions, more people are also returning to the office, taking trips, or meeting up with friends and family. Now that the holiday season is fast approaching, everyone wants a long overdue catch-up with loved ones. 

As long as you’re being careful, you can reconnect with people in the outside world. This is important for your emotional and mental well-being, too, especially if you’ve been cooped up too long inside your house. 

But as much as possible, avoid crowded places. Stay safe by opting for restaurants or cafes with al fresco dining areas. Avoid large gatherings, too. And if you’re not feeling so well, don’t risk it. You can always just reschedule your catch-up or get-together. 

Get Vaccinated (and Get Your Booster Shot)

This cannot be stressed enough. Get your complete COVID-19 shots to protect yourself from getting severe COVID-19 symptoms. This will also help stop the spread of the virus. 

All available vaccines are safe, and they really do work and save lives. If you’re still on the fence about getting vaccinated, just look at the statistics (only from credible sources, of course). 

When you’re vaccinated, you can safely and gradually do more of the things you used to do before the pandemic, minus the worry and anxiety. You can exercise and do physical activities outdoors again. Also, you can shop and dine in restaurants. And soon, you can even start watching movies inside the cinema again. 

More importantly, get your booster shot when it’s your schedule to get it. This will ensure that you stay protected even when the vaccine efficacy starts to wane. 

Hold On to Your Good Habits

The number of new COVID-19 cases in the country may be dropping, but now’s not the time to let our guards down. As long as the virus is still around, observe social distancing and follow health protocols. 

When you’re out in public, give everyone a wide berth. Keep a safe 6-feet distance wherever you go. If you can touch the person next to you, that means you’re too close. 

Moreover, wash and sanitize your hands often (at least 20 seconds) with soap or alcohol with at least 60% alcohol. Avoid crowds, and only go out when necessary. 

Whether you’re just going out for errands or taking a long-haul flight, always wear a face mask. Wearing a mask gives you another layer of protection from COVID-19. So make sure to have extra masks in the car, in your purse, in your office, and in every room in your house.

Buy an Antigen Test Kit

If you’re not feeling so well, reduce the risk of exposing your household members by getting tested right away. Thankfully, you can now buy affordable FDA-certified COVID-19 antigen test kits at Watsons. Just make sure you have a prescription and a medical professional who can assist you via video call to administer it. 

Do Online Banking 

Let’s face it―it’s easier and safer to make online payments than to scrounge up coins and paper bills when paying for something. The risk of getting COVID-19 is also lower since online payments are cashless and contactless transactions. 

Needless to say, more and more businesses are opting for cashless payment modes. So go cashless as much as possible! 

Since many people opt for convenience in their financial transactions, online banking will continue to be the preferred option in the new normal. 

With online banking, we can still do our regular banking transactions without any hitch. It saves us a lot of time, money, and energy―not to mention reduces our risk of getting COVID-19 from exchanging coins or paper bills. Just log in online or open your mobile banking app. 

With that, you only need the RCBC Online Banking app on your phone. It’s a complete digital banking experience―from account opening to performing basic banking transactions, and even more advanced ones. 

Cash in, deposit checks, transfer funds, pay bills to over 400 billers (no need to enroll them), buy cellphone load― you can do all these in the RCBC app in just a few taps. 

Opening an account online is quick and hassle-free with just one valid ID. You don’t need to visit an RCBC branch or set up a video call to open an account. More importantly, there’s no maintaining balance.

So open an online account with RCBC today to enjoy hassle-free transactions and advanced digital banking solutions. 

The pandemic is far from over, but we’re making great strides when it comes to getting the protection we need to fight off the virus. Stay safe and healthy by doing the things mentioned on this list. By doing so, we’re doing our part in preventing the spread of the virus and contributing in our own little way to rebuilding the economy. And before we know it, we can all go outside again with no fear and resume our old lives pre-pandemic.