Boost the immunity of your child with Scott's Vitamin C Pastilles

Scott's Vitamin C Pastilles

Every mom wants to keep the children healthy. But how can we really make sure that our children are living a healthy lifestyle? Make sure that they get enough sleep to recharge. When it comes to eating, as much as possible avoid processed foods and those with unhealthy fats. A good serving of fruits and vegetables is a must in their diet.  

Ascorbic acid, commonly known as Vitamin C, is a vitamin found in many common foods we eat like citrus fruits such as lemon and orange, apples, berries, potatoes and peppers. It’s also readily available as a dietary food supplement. 

Scott's Vitamin C Pastilles

Scott's Vitamin C Pastilles is an enjoyable way for kids to boost the immune system.  It is also more convenient to take compared with syrup.

Scott's Vitamin C Pastilles

It's chewable and delicious the kids will definitely love the sweet and fruity taste.  Kids aged 3-12 can take 1 pastille a day while those aged 12 years up can take 2 pastilles a day. 

We need now more than ever to protect our child from contacting diseases especially colds, cough, and flu. Scott’s Vitamin C Pastilles contains high levels of Vitamin C (100% RENI) to help strengthen their kid’s immunity.

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