Citicore launches energy literacy lecture series to benefit 100 ambassadors nationwide


Citicore Renewable Energy Corporation

Driven by its dream of a future powered by sustainable and clean energy, Citicore Power, Inc. intensified its information and education campaign by reaching out to the members of the media and the online community to help educate the public on the role of renewable energy in achieving carbon neutrality.

Citicore Renewable Energy Corporation, the energy-producing arm of Citicore, conducted Energy 101 for media practitioners, vloggers and bloggers last November 16 entitled “The Citizen’s Corener Energy Literacy”. The webinar aims to discuss everything about energy – how it is connected to our lives, how people use it differently all around the world, and how we can transform our relationship with it to transition to more sustainable and efficient energy systems, without compromising the environment and agriculture. 

Citicore Renewable Energy Corporation

The webinar series started in the 3rd week of November and will run until March of next year, which plans to include students and the teaching community in its upcoming sessions as among its targeted 100 individuals as ambassadors.

“As we continue to push forward with our goal to power up the entire country with clean and sustainable energy, we also seek to reach out and demonstrate to a wider audience why now is the high time to shift to renewable energies and adopt sustainable practices in our day-to-day life” said Oliver Tan, Citicore President and CEO. 

The Company plans to involve and educate more people about energy systems that also address climate change-related problems.

One of the initiatives pioneered by Citicore this year is the AgroSolar project, integrating turmeric plantation in its solar farms in Luzon that will soon be implemented across all its facilities by next year to increase crop production and expand its benefits. The move that will redefine the concept of a symbiotic relationship between power generation and crop production, alongside social development.

“Citicore’s goal is to enrich the knowledge and behaviors of our Energy Literacy participants to encourage and empower them to drive change and strive for clean, affordable and sustainable energy for all. Renewable energy is a core issue in the world today. It affects jobs, homes, food production and climate change. The world would not function without energy – and the importance of clean, affordable energy has never been more relevan, with this lecture series Citicore hope to drive this energy revolution”, Tan added.

To date, Citicore has 163 MW of rated capacity from its eight existing solar power plants in Bataan, Bulacan, Tarlac, Pampanga, Cebu, Negros Occidental and South Cotabato.