Frotea introduces Oreo Collection Series


If you like your milk tea sweet and decadent, a cup of Oreo milk tea will never disappoint. This thick and creamy vanilla drink mixed with tea and topped with crushed cookies is the perfect drink to sweeten up your days.

This holiday season, Frotea invites everyone to ring in this time of celebration with its Oreo Collection Series, showcasing the diversity of this famous cookie in three unique drinks. Check out these three delicious drinks from Frotea's Oreo Collection Series with something everyone in the family can enjoy: 

A collection of sweet cream filled drinks fit for the holidays

For all the milk tea lovers who prefer their drink sweet and straightforward, the Oreo Milk Tea is the perfect way to introduce the world-famous cookie into your lineup of go-to drinks. The drink features the classic flavors of Taiwanese milk tea blended with the sweet cream-filled sweetness of Oreo and topped with crushed cookies. 

Meanwhile, milk tea lovers who can’t get enough of pastries are in for a treat, as they can experience the best of both worlds this season with Frotea’s Oreo Cheesecake and Oreo Creampuff milk tea.

Satisfy your cravings for the rich and luscious taste of cheesecake accompanied with the unmistakable flavor of Oreo with the Oreo Cheesecake milk tea. This decadent treat offers an irresistible melt-inyour-mouth experience. 

But if there’s one drink that will really get you into the holiday spirit, it’s the Oreo Creampuff milk tea. With its decadent and smooth flavor, combining the texture of cream puffs with cookies and cream, this irresistible treat is perfect when paired with your favorite Frotea sinkers.

Make the Frotea Oreo Collection a must-have at every event worth celebrating this holiday season and experience a sweet blend of flavors with each sip!

What are you waiting for?

Get with the holiday festivities and satisfy your milk tea fix this holiday season with Frotea’s Oreo series. Frotea has over 23 branches nationwide in Luzon and Visayas with deliveries available via FoodPanda or through the official Frotea website. Follow Frotea on Instagram and Facebook for more updates.