Korean shampoo brand AMOS now available at PH


When we hear Korea, we first always think of K-pop and K-dramas. If it is in the world of beauty, they are mostly known for their K-beauty. For K-beauty, it mostly consists of makeup and skincares. But lately, they are also getting known for their hair care and hair styles like the underhair color or sometimes called the Peek a boo color. 

One hair care brand from Korea already set their feet here in the Philippines, known as AMOS. AMOS Professionals is a salon hair care and styling Korean brand which was created by joint efforts of Korean hairdressers and researchers. For this review, we tried out their Pure Smart Shampoo in variant Moist. This shampoo claims to moisturize dehydrated dead skin on dry scalp. It says that it also has a dandruff care formula which creates a clean scalp condition. The Pure Smart Shampoo was recommended for men and women who worry about oily scalp and oiliness-induced dandruff. 

Besides me, 2 other persons in different age brackets also tried using this shampoo. All of us suffer itchiness and dandruff from our previous shampoo which is available locally and also has an oily scalp. For me, I used this shampoo twice a week because that’s how I normally clean my hair. The other 2 people used it everyday for almost a month. We all felt a difference the first week we used it. The itchiness and the dandruff lessen. We also love the eucalyptus smell after every wash. My hair also doesn’t feel dry at all after shampooing. Would I recommend you to try it? Yes, absolutely! Would I repurchase it again? Yes, definitely!

AMOS Ph is already available at Shopee. It cost 630 php for a 500g bottle with a pump. We have the shampoo for almost a month but it is still half full. You can buy the Pure Smart Shampoo HERE Add it to your cart now!