These Chef's Classics non-stick cookwares should be in your kitchen


non-stick cookware

Cooking should be a fun experience. One of the reasons why some people don't want to cook is the challenge when the food gets stuck on the bottom of the pan and ruining the dish. Cleaning the pots and pans is another horror story. That is why you should invest in a non-stick cookware set that will make your time in the kitchen more enjoyable.
Chef's Classics 25th Year Anniversary non-stick cookware set

Chef's Classics 25th Year Anniversary non-stick cookware set is an all-around kitchen favorites that's super easy to clean and great for healthy cooking. These are made with cold-forged aluminum and a striking orange finish, making it stand out in any modern kitchen.

With its Xylan plus non-stick coating by Whitford, you can easily cook healthier dishes with little oil, and prevent food from sticking to the pan. Just keep in mind to use nylon, silicone, or wood utensils when cooking to avoid scratching the non-stick surface. 

The 7-piece set includes

  • 1pc 24cm non-stick stockpot 
  •  1pc 24cm stockpot glass lid 
  • 1pc 20cm non-stick saucepot 
  • 1pc 20cm saucepot glass lid 
  • 1pc 16cm non-stick saucepan 
  • 1pc 16cm saucepan glass lid 
  • 1pc 24cm non-stick fry pan

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Here are the top benefits why these Chef's Classics non-stick cookware set should be in your kitchen:

Using non-stick cookware sets makes it easy and effortless cleaning and washing after you cook. The coating by Whitford ensures that no food or oil sticks on the surface of the cookware set. You can also save on cooking oil because it requires a small amount of oil when cooking. 

Another good thing about non-stick cookware is the efficiency of heat distribution. This reduces fuel wastage and shortens cooking time.

Lastly, the Chef's Classics non-stick cookware set is so stylish it will definitely give your kitchen a classy look. 

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