Fun learning and inclusivity for kids with Puddy Rock


Musicians and podcasters Jim Bacarro and Saab Magalona believe that there’s no bonding experience quite like listening to music with their children, Pancho (3 years old) and Vito (2 years old).

Inspired by their kids’ enthusiastic response to their homemade rockin’ silly songs, Jim & Saab are now sharing their creations with the whole world! Welcome to the world of Puddy Rock!

Puddy Rock started as songs Jim and Saab sang to their own kids, unknowingly building a world featuring diverse characters. “We saw how our kids loved the songs and decided to share it with everyone,” the couple explains.

The music channel features nursery rhymes for learning and promoting inclusivity. With new found Animal Friends like Arfist the Dog, Jonesy the Cat, and Waffy the Giraffe, rocking out to your favorites has never been this fun! Kids can now learn their ABCs and their numbers like never before.

In collaboration with online content creator and merch brand Linya-Linya, the characters are brought to life. “We saw the opportunity to create original Filipino content that is more accessible to parents and kids, so we decided to take the opportunity to work on this special project,” shared by Ali Sangalang, Linya-Linya Co-founder and Creative Director.

The World of Puddy Rock is open to everyone. The only requirement? Just be yourself!

Sing, dance, and learn with your Animal Friends in the world of Puddy Rock! Subscribe to the Puddy Rock Youtube Channel today. You can listen to all Puddy Rock songs and future releases on all music streaming platforms.