FWD Life Insurance announces new hub at Tacloban City Center Park

FWD Life Insurance announces the official opening of its 18th and latest hub in Leyte’s capital city of Tacloban. The FWD Tacloban Hub simultaneously serves the Eastern Visayas region to expand the coverage in the country. 

The FWD Tacloban Hub opened in November 2020 amidst the pandemic and proceeded with its operations and local recruitment. With the easing of pandemic-related restrictions this year, FWD held festivities featuring a cultural dance by local pintados (tattooed “warriors”) that Tacloban is known for. 

Li Hao Zhuang, FWD Life Insurance President and CEO said the resilience that Taclobanons have shown against difficult events, from typhoon Yolanda to the pandemic, shows the positive spirit of Filipinos. 

“We celebrate this spirit through the new Tacloban hub to provide better access to life and financial insurance that aims to help Taclobanons get back on their feet and improve their lives,” Li Hao said. “Our newest hub in Tacloban motivates us to continue to work to reach more Filipinos. The hub opened during a challenging time, but we celebrate living with the people of Tacloban and we remain optimistic.”

FWD continues to innovate with product propositions that cater to the evolving needs and lifestyles of Filipinos. Li Hao affirms that the new FWD Tacloban Hub allows Taclobanons and the rest of the Eastern Visayas region to experience a brand of insurance that is easy to know, easy to buy, easy to claim, easy to engage, and easy to love. 

Jun Marasigan, FWD Life Insurance Chief Agency Officer added that the new Tacloban hub continues to recruit Taclobanons as FWD agents. He emphasized that FWD has a strong agency team with multiple Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) awardees serving Tacloban. MDRT is the global benchmark of excellence in the life insurance and financial services industries. 

“Our agents have grown, performing well and creating an impressive track record in servicing the people of Tacloban,” Jun said. “We strive to support Tacloban and the rest of Eastern Visayas. We see a huge potential in the region and plan to grow aggressively, and we’re looking for talents to join us as financial advisors. We’re committed to work towards reaching and covering more Filipinos and change the way they feel about insurance.”

To find out more about FWD insurance products, visit fwd.com.ph/products/. FWD Tacloban business hub is located at the Tacloban City Center Park, Real Street in Brgy. Aslum, Sagkahan.