Blackpink Jisoo and Lisa's pick OLENS Smoky Gray


Blackpink made a comeback this August with their single “Pink Venom” which already has more than 200M views on Youtube. One of the things you will notice in their music video are their eyes, specifically their contact lenses. For this review, we will be taking a look at Jisoo and Lisa’s pick - Smoky Gray.

Blackpink OLENS contact lens

Olens is a well-known Korean contact lens brand which offers a variety of lenses that can fit any type of occasion or need. Blackpink is the muse of the brand and they recently used Olens for their newest single, Pink Venom. One of the lenses they used, specifically picked by Lisa and Jisoo, is Smoky Gray. You can also see Lisa rocking these lenses in her latest vlog.

OLENS Smoky Gray

Smoky is made out of Puscon and has a graphic diameter of 13.3mm. It is available in 3 colors: Gray, Olive and Brown. It is available in 1Day which has 5 pairs per box and costs $21 (P1200). These lenses also come in 0.00 to -8.00 grade.

I’ve been using Smoky since it was launched last year and I can say that this is one of my favorite lenses by Olens along with Scandi and Spanish. I tried wearing the Smoky Gray lenses for a whole day and they were really comfortable – and that’s saying a lot because I have sensitive eyes! Since the lenses have a unique color, they can be used to easily add some flair to your OOTDs. I especially like that these are light-colored since my natural eye color is dark brown.

If you want to try the Smoky Gray lenses out, you can check them out here. You will be able to receive a free pair of tweezers if you purchase 1Day contacts. They ship internationally so you can purchase it even if you're outside South Korea. If you want to check out their other lenses, you can visit and use my code MARICAAARRV10 for a discount. Try it now!