StackTrek x MyTown kicks off innovative Co-Living Bootcamp


 Digital Coding Bootcamp

Being true to its goal of transforming non-coders into job-ready programmers, StackTrek has entered into an exclusive partnership with the country’s largest co-living space provider MyTown to offer a unique and exciting new way to learn programming.

Going beyond its flagship online training – Digital Coding Bootcamp, StackTrek’s partnership with MyTown has given birth to its innovative on-campus training – 4-month Co-Living Bootcamp in which learners acquire job-ready programming skill while staying and enjoying the award-winning accommodation, amenities and free meals provided by MyTown. This Co-Living Bootcamp is being offered as a Study-First-Pay-Later program making it more accessible to more Filipinos.

The idea is to provide a distraction-free environment for learners to focus on their goal of graduating as a programmer and getting an IT job. Upon completion of the bootcamp, learners will be connected with companies for job opportunities with an average 390k php a year starting salary.

Last October 17, 2022, StackTrek and MyTown kicked off the first batch of learners and onboarded them at the StackTrek x MyTown Coding Campus located in Taguig City, Metro Manila. On their first day, the learners were welcomed by their trainers and people from StackTrek. They get to taste the difference between the co-living experience immediately. Their accommodation and food were ready when they arrived and discussions and orientation came after. 

This game-changing bootcamp offers more than learning and coding knowledge to its participants but also an immersive experience in which they are able to interact with like-minded people who share the same goals and aspirations. This Co-Living Bootcamp is also a chance for learners to grow their network. As part of the program, different industry experts and visionaries will offer insights to the learners to help them see ahead of their future.

Between the fast-paced learning, there is a swimming pool, gym, karaoke and music rooms for learners to relax and unwind. As an added social experience, the Co-Living Bootcamp features weekend bbq nights, film showings, and other social activities to ensure that rapport is built among the learners. 

Just like the Digital Bootcamp, the Co-Living Bootcamp offers its learners the knowledge of the modern software engineering stack which will enable them to be successful in the field of IT. Apply here: