Make birthdays more memorable with Red Ribbon’s all-new design Chocolate Dedication Cake!


Cakes are the centerpieces of birthday parties. No matter how big or small a celebration is, it’s natural for us to mark special occasions with a delicious and nicely designed cake--even better if it comes with a heartfelt personal message!

Families have long turned to Red Ribbon’s delightful Chocolate Dedication Cake to make birthdays memorable. Now, our favorite birthday centerpiece is even better than before, all thanks to its all-new design, making birthdays even more memorable.

The new Chocolate Dedication Cake design now comes with MORE colorful candies and MORE chocolate icing for a more colorful and chocolatey experience. 

Those who love the crunch and color of candies to go with mouthwatering and moist chocolate cake are in for a treat, as the cake is now sprinkled with even more candies—and it’s even more vibrant with a wider variety of colors than before. Meanwhile, chocolate lovers get to enjoy even more of the cake’s fudgy chocolate icing, thanks to the thick chocolate icing that now lines the top of the cake. The ultimate birthday treat, indeed!

Celebrate your family or kids’ upcoming birthdays with the improved Red Ribbon Chocolate Dedication Cake! Visit the nearest Red Ribbon Bakeshop near you and get it. You can also order via the delivery website, the Red Ribbon app, delivery hotline at #87777, or third party delivery apps.