BENCH Techs-up with UnionBank: Digital payments enhanced in 800+ stores across the nation


digital payments

Union Bank of the Philippines (UnionBank) has partnered with Suyen Corporation (BENCH Group) to help the leading clothing and lifestyle brand digitize payments in its more than 800 brick-and-mortar and affiliate stores all over the country, for easier and more convenient transactions for its customers. 

The contract signing ceremony between UnionBank and BENCH took place last November 14 at the UnionBank Plaza in Pasig City.

To help BENCH digitize its transactions, UnionBank will be generating in-store QRPH codes that will serve as additional payment channels for shoppers. This will allow them to quickly pay for their purchases without worrying about loose change. They also won't need to use their on-hand cash or fall in line to withdraw cash at ATMs, saving them time. 

Because the partnership leverages QRPH's wide range of accepted payment providers through partner banks and popular digital wallets, shoppers can pay for their purchases digitally without worrying about using services or apps they are not familiar with, and simply opt for those that they are already using.

"We believe that the use of QRPH in our offline stores should bring many benefits and convenience to our customers. We want to thank UnionBank for this initiative in tapping us as a partner," said Vice President for Business Development Group of BENCH Bryan Lim.

"This great milestone promises to trailblaze the way we do our business in our respective fields and keep up with the changing needs of our customers," said UnionBank Merchant Acquiring and Payment Gateway Head Gerry Austria. "This is a valuable opportunity to ensure that our customers will have a more enjoyable way of shopping."