Level up your financial skills with Bitcoin miner and other free online money games



Did you know that game-based learning is an effective tool to level up your financial skills? An important life skill is that every person should possess even at a young age is making money-smart decisions. It's a make or break when it comes to money management and as you grow older you will be faced with life altering decisions. One effective way to gain this knowledge is learning by doing. Business simulation games help you understand while being entertained. 

Here are my top 5 favorite free online money games that can help level up your financial skills:

1. Grocery Cashier

When I was still a kid, I used to help in our family business. I was tasked to compute for purchases of customers with 2-3 items and provide change for their money. Since not everybody can do this in real life, the Grocery Cashier simulates real-world situation of operating a store's cash register. This game is good for practicing simple addition and subtraction. 

The mechanics of the game is very simple that even younger children can enjoy playing. It can get difficult though as the level progress. This can be a good bonding game activity for parents and kids.

2.  LEGO City Adventures Build and Protect Game

How does a city thrive? Well, it's should be by maintaining a healthy balance between income and expenditure. In LEGO City Adventures Build and Protect, you will be Mayor Solomon Fleck's assistant.  The goal is to build a city that provides revenues in order for you to make the city progressive.

This game teaches you how to make to most of your limited resources to generate income to fund further development in the city. There are six zones you have to unlock that you need to fill with 25 buildings. The longer you play this game, the more you learn how to strategize. 

3. Pizza Cafe

Dreaming of owning a restaurant someday? If you have no experience yet in managing a business, Pizza Cafe is a business simulation game that allows you to learn how to effectively handle not just the operations aspect of the restaurant but also handle stress as the number of customers increase.

You have to serve the customers as quickly as possible while ensuring that you reach the goals set. You  need to learn which ingredients are needed for the pizza ordered by a specific customer. You are also tasked to refill the ingredients that are out of stock in your inventory. 

This can get overwhelming but provides invaluable knowledge in managing a food business.

4. Bitcoin Tap Tap Mine

bitcoin miner

Cryptocurrency while risky is a good investment if you know how to read the trend. A lot of people has put their money on bitcoin being the most popular among cryptocurrencies in the market. One way to generate bitcoin is through mining. While it's time consuming,  it is can be rewarding in the long run.  If you are still a newbie like me and has limited knowledge about cryptocurrency and how mining works, you can try the Bitcoin Tap Mine Mine.

This game can be aid you to have an understanding to fiat money and how cryptocurrencies work. You will also learn how strategize your mining operation to increase your yield. 

5. Stocks

I have always been fascinated with the stock market. I remember my dad monitoring the stock performance in the morning before leaving for work. One thing I learned is that it is critical to know when is the right time to trade to earn as much profit as you can. 

Stocks is the most enjoyable online money game for me. Having a business degree in college, speculating on a stock. I know it's really tricky and there is no guaranteed parameters to accurately guide you on reading the market movements but what I have learned from my dad is to start small and avoid day trading.

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