OLENS Double Tint + Scandi Review


OLENS Double Tint

Happy 2023! New year, new lenses from Olens Contact lens! They launched just last week their new natural looking lens, the Double Tint. Beside their new lenses, we will include other options for those who want bold colored eyes. 

For our new readers, OLENS is the No.1 premium color contact lens from South Korea. Their goal is to promote “Beauty and Healthy eyestyling” value all over the world. 

One of their new launches for this new year is the Double Tint. It is available in 2 colors: Gray and Brown. It is available for dailies in 10pcs (5 pairs) and has a graphic diameter of 12.9mm. 

This lens has a two way highlighter effect, it makes your eyes like it is shining and makes your eyes more alive. I like how it makes my eyes look like it is shining, especially when there is natural light. 

It is very comfortable, which is a good thing since I have very sensitive eyes. It is good for everyday use because of its design and colors available. If you don’t like more bold designs, this is a good choice. 

For those of you that want natural iris color change in your eyes, you can choose Scandi Olive. It has a light gold shade and natural pattern which makes it look like your natural eye color. Since it has a chic vibe, it is perfect for your night outs and dress ups. It is available in other 2 colors: Gray and Hazel, and with a graphic diameter of 11.9mm (smaller than Double Tint). Like Double Tint is very comfortable to wear and good for everyday use. It doesn’t dry out easily and will not irritate your eyes. 

Both Double Tint and Scandi are made in Puscon, the safest material for lenses. Puscon has a strong hydration shell that can reduce the dryness and keep your eyes moisture. It also prevents protein and foreign substance disposition and blocks harmful UV from our eyes. 

If you want to try Double Tint and Scandi, you can buy it at www.olensglobal.com. The price per box is $21 (Php 1165) but currently it has 15% off until January 18. They offer shipping worldwide so even if you are here in the Philippines or in any other country, you can still order lenses from them. For a discount, you may use my code “MARICAAARRV10” for a 10% discount.