Redefining Cooking in the New Normal with the Midea InnerChef Multi-Cooker


 Midea InnerChef Multi-Cooker

When it comes to food, nothing beats a home-cooked meal. This is especially true for special occasions, like Christmas and New Year’s Eve. After all, a home-cooked meal is a labor of love, a way to win the heart of everyone, whether family or friends. It can, however, be a slow and challenging process, and the cleanup afterwards can be just as demanding and meticulous. 

But what if we tell you that Midea can help make cooking easier, faster, and more enjoyable? Midea, pronounced as “Mai – dia,” is among the world’s most renowned makers of electrical appliances—with presence in over 60 countries worldwide, including here in the Philippines.

Yes, we at Midea have something that can make this labor of love a breeze: the Midea InnerChef Multi-Cooker.

This unique Midea cooking solution is as versatile as they come, combining 12 different cooking functions into one sleek, elegant-looking, and innovative kitchen appliance. It is perfect for families who enjoy homemade feasts, young adults living a fast-paced on-the-go lifestyle, and fitness enthusiasts conscious about every single one of their meals. 

With Midea InnerChef’s 12 pre-set menus, you can choose the style of cooking you want, set the actual cooking time, and let it do the rest—no stirring, no flipping over, no basting or poking. This allows you to do something else while your food is being cooked. You can prep the ingredients of your next meal. You can wash the dishes. You can watch a movie and chill. You can even take a nap. You can do whatever because the Midea InnerChef will do the cooking for you.

On top of all that, the Midea InnerChef can ensure good health for you and your loved ones, first by helping you whip up healthier meals. With pressure cooking and temperature control, this versatile kitchen appliance can kill off most harmful bacteria and microorganisms in food—but retain much of its nutrients and pretty much all its flavor. Moreover, this unique multi-cooker emits neither smoke nor fumes, thus ensuring the pristine air quality of your home. 

Another concern is obviously safety, and with its RealSafe System with a 9-stage Safety Guard, we can guarantee the Midea InnerChef is safe to use. This advanced safety system boasts nine innovative safety features, including pressure limit protection, overpressure automatic release, over-temperature control, and over-current protection.

Just as important, the Midea InnerChef is dishwasher safe and easy to clean, making the after-cooking cleaning as stress-free as possible. To top it all off, this multi-cooker is also easy to use—so much so that pretty much anyone can use it to cook a hearty meal. 

Yes, the Midea InnerChef Multi-Cooker can do all that—and then some. So, get yours now, only at Midea. Visit more surprisingly friendly home solutions.