Style your eyes this love month with OLENS pink contact lens


February is a month to celebrate love! With Valentine’s day just around the corner,  most of us are excited on what to wear. Whether it's a romantic dinner date or just spending quality time with your loved one, let your him fall in love all over again when he looks into your eyes.   Here are the new 3 pink contact lenses from OLENS. 

OLENS is a Korean contact lens brand that caters a lot of designs, colors and styles. One of their unusual colors are their pink contact lenses. We will be reviewing Spanish Real Peach, Vivi Ring Pink and Crystal 3con Pink. 

Spanish Real Peach is a lens with a natural shade and no edge. It has a graphic diameter of 11.9mm and HEMA is the material used for this lens. This lens is available also in other colors: Brown, Gray, Olive and Sky. What I like most about it is that it looks like a natural color on your eyes due to its pattern. Blackpink Jennie uses the same lenses, in Spanish Gray. It cost $24 (Php 1300) for a monthly box, available also in Buy 1 Take 1 promo. 

Next is Vivi Ring Pink which is a lens with a soft and creamy shade. It also has a natural enlarging effect that can make your eyes look like a doll. It has a graphic diameter 13mm and is made of Puscon (for daily) and HEMA (for monthly). This lens is also available in other colors: Brown, Choco, Gray, Olive, and Beige. Blackpink Jisoo uses the same lenses, Vivi Ring Brown. It cost $21 (Php 1150) for dailies with 10pcs and $29 (Php 1500) for a monthly box. 

Last is Crystal 3con Pink, which has a goldish pink color in it. It is also available in other colors: Brown and Gray. It has a graphic diameter of 13.3mm and is made of HEMA. It cost $29 (Php 1500) for a monthly box. 

All of the 3 lenses are comfortable to wear everyday, even for the monthly. Spanish Real gives off a natural pink color for dark colored eyes and the color is still noticeable. Vivi Ring gives off a romantic vibes on your eyes and it looks natural. Crystal 3con gives more pop and shine in your eyes and the pink color pops up more than the other lenses. For those of you who want more vivid colors, Spanish Real and Crystal 3con is your choice. For those of you who want just a little pop of color, Vivi Ring is for you. Depending on the lens that you wear, your pink eye makeup can be enhanced to be more pinkish the more the color is more vibrant. 

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