LUMOS DAWN Projector Review: Reasons Why It's Better Than a Smart TV


LUMOS DAWN Projector Review

I have two smart televisions at home. The bigger tv is in the primary bedroom while the other one is in the living room. I've been contemplating on purchasing a really big smart tv but I must admit it is very expensive. Since it will be mainly used to binge-watch on Netflix and HBO Go, the best option for me is the LUMOS DAWN Smart Projector.

LUMOS DAWN is the most affordable smart projector that comes with a built-in Netflix and Youtube apps. It also has a memory and storage of 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM so you can still download other apps you might need to fully enjoy using the projector.

Reasons why LUMOS DAWN is better than a smart TV

Impressive projection

The smart tv below is 43-inch. The projected screen size in the bedroom's wall is at 60-inch. You can also notice that the room is not completely dark. It was sunny and bright at 1pm and I do not have a blackout curtain but the image is still pretty decent. 

This was projected in my home office wall at 80-inch. Again, the room was not completely dark but the projection was sharp and clear.

This photo was during the initial set-up in my living room. It's an impressive 125-inch projection. I had to rearrange my couch to face the blank wall and move the table on the side to convert my living room into a home cinema. 

Visual sharpness and clarity

A good projector is not just about having a massive screen. The sharpness and clarity of the image are also very important. LUMOS DAWN has 2,500 lumens. For a home cinema setup, the range of 2,000-3,500 lumens is ideal.  A completely dark room will give you an excellent viewing experience. 

LUMOS DAWN also have a 1080p support resolution with 600p native clear resolution. It means you can enjoy watching in full HD.

Pre-installed apps and mirror casting

My most accessed apps are Netflix and Youtube. These apps are already pre-installed in LUMOS DAWN and I can also download other entertainment apps. Mainly the same apps you can find installed in a smart tv without spending too much. And the sound! It can definitely match your smart tv. It has an inbuilt Dolby audio speakers for a truly cinematic sound effect. 

LUMOS DAWN is installed with Miracast and AirScreen. Miracast allows you to wirelessly display content from your android  smartphone, tablet, or laptop. AirsScreen is for Apple devices.  If you are into mobile gaming, you can mirror your game for a bigger view. 

It's portable

I can move the LUMOS DAWN around the house compared to having a big smart tv. I can even bring this with me because I travel a lot and love staycations. I have a tripod for my mirrorless camera that I  also use to hold the projector. I sometimes use the projector in my home office whenever I attend online events on Zoom or Facebook LIVE.

How much do you have to spend to purchase a 100-inch smart television? Depending on the brand, it ranges from 190k to 450k. The LUMOS DAWN Smart Projector retails at PhP9,999 only with FREE delivery and HDMI cable. Warranty is one year. 

LUMOS is a trusted brand. I am one of the many Filipinos who are satisfied with the LUMOS projector I have been using for a year already. 

You can purchase the LUMOS DAWN at its official website They ship anywhere in the Philippines.