New OLENS French Shine with New Jeans


Just this month OLENS introduced their new muse, New Jeans. For those of you who don’t know, New Jeans is a new group from ADOR, a subsidiary of Hybe Corporation which also handles BTS. SInce they have introduced their new muse, they also launched a new set of colored lenses - French Shine. 

OLENS is the No.1 premium color contact lens from South Korea. Their goal is to promote “Beauty and Healthy eyestyling” values all over the world. This March, they released their new collection, French Shine. French Shine is made out of Puscon and it has a graphic diameter of 13.2mm. Puscon is the safest material for contact lenses. Puscon also has a strong hydration shell, it prevents protein deposition and has a strong UV-block function. It really is comfortable to wear and it doesn’t irritate my sensitive eyes. 

French Shine is available in 3 colors: Gray, Hazel and Lavender. It has a soft and natural color change and a natural enlarging effect which makes your eyes look like shining. 

French Shine Lavender is Danielle’s lens and French Shine Hazel is Hyein’s lens. My favorite among the 3 colors is the Lavender because it has a unique shade but not that bold to make you stand out because of your lens’ color. It almost looks like Gray when you wear it but slightly more on the bluish side. 

This new lens is available in dailies which cost $21 (Php1100) with 10 lenses per box. They currently have a French Shine, Double Tint 1+50% off Promotion + NewJeans giveaway which will last until March 31st. You can check out this link for more details:

Shine your eyes, Shine your days.