OLENS Double Tint and Nils with New Jeans


New Jeans OLENS

It is really a New Year for OLENS for they have a new muse this year and it will really get your ATTENTION. Introducing New Jeans as their new muse! Besides that, we will be talking about 2 contact lenses from OLENS, the Double Tint and Nils. 

For those who don’t know, OLENS is the No.1 premium color contact lens from South Korea. Their goal is to promote “Beauty and Healthy eyestyling” value all over the world. For this year, they have a new muse which is New Jeans, one of the newest and hottest Kpop girl groups right now. Since they are their new muse, we will feature 2 lenses that they use - Double Tint and Nils. All of these lenses have been used by New Jeans during their magazine shoots, on stage and other activities. 

Double Tint was launched this year and it is available in 2 colors - Gray and Brown. It has a two-way highlighter effect which makes your eyes like it is shining and makes your eyes more alive. I like how it makes my eyes look like it is shining, especially under natural light. It is very comfortable, which is a good thing since I have very sensitive eyes. If you don’t like more bold designs, this is a good choice. 

It has a graphic diameter of 12.9mm and can be bought in dailies and now available also in monthly box. 

Double Tint Gray is Minji’s pick and Double Tint Brown is Hanni’s pick. 

Nils have a natural enlarging effect that can make your eyes look bigger. Its design has a seamless pattern with soft hues which looks natural in everyone’s eyes. It is a perfect everyday lens. I like how natural it looks in the eyes. It is available also in 2 colors - Gray and Brown.

It has a graphic diameter of 13.5mm and is also available in monthly and dailies. It is bigger than Double Tint but it is still comfortable to wear. 

Nils Gray is Haerin’s pick. 

Dailies cost around $21 (Php 1158) for 10pcs and are made out of Puscon. Puscon has a strong hydration shell that can reduce the dryness and keep your eyes moisture. It also prevents protein and foreign substance disposition and blocks harmful UV from our eyes. A monthly box costs around $29 (Php 1600) which is available for a Buy 1 Take 1 offer and is made out of HEMA material. 

Currently they have a promotion for their new muse. They are offering a 15% discount by using the code “NJ15”. They also have an ongoing OLENS x NEW JEANS giveaway event. 

Giveaway details: 

Another promotion to celebrate the International Women’s Month is ongoing until March 16. 

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