Macao Imperial Tea launches Tea Coolers infused by Twinings


Get ready to cool down and savour the best of summer with the latest collaboration from two of the premier names in drinks. Macao Imperial Tea and Twinings of London have joined forces to create a refreshing mix that’s perfect for tea lovers everywhere. With six delicious new offerings, there’s something to satisfy your cravings any time of day.

Macao Imperial Tea, the biggest milk tea chain in the Philippines, together with Twinings Tea, one of the world’s most renowned tea brands since 1706, have combined their expertise to create new and exclusive summer beverages. The newest offerings showcase the very best of both brands providing a balanced and refreshing taste, perfect for enjoying in the sun. 

The summer drink collaboration will showcase six newly curated drinks as part of Macao Imperial Tea’s commitment to bringing new flavours and combinations to its customers. Take your pick from these yummy cool refreshers: 

Mango Jasmine Green Tea. A mix of delicious mango and Jasmine flowers blended in a fragrant and flavorful embrace. Delicate floral characters and tropical bliss made for your unmistakable enjoyment.

Strawberry Mango Tea. An uplifting infusion of fruity flavours and white pearls expertly mixed for that satisfying sip. Let your tastebuds revel in this sweet and exotic cooler of strawberries and mangoes.

Cheesecake Peach Tea. Delicate peach-flavoured Twinings black tea elevated with Macao Imperial Tea’s distinct cheesecake blend. A luxurious and indulgent drink you’ll truly love.

Camomile Honey Tea with Vanilla. Aromatic Camomile tea touched generously with rich honey and a hint of vanilla. Sophisticated and surprising, surely an elegant tasting refresher.

Earl Grey Lemon Tea. That signature zesty bergamot flavour of fine black tea blended cooly with lemons for one elegant drink. Experience refreshing light tea you can experience any time of the summer day.

Lemon Ginger Tea. An invigorating cooler that brings together those beloved citrusy flavours and that ginger tang. Revive your senses with that warm and spicy zing that lingers in the tongue. 

“Macao Imperial Tea is thrilled to be working with Twinings Tea on this exciting project,” said Avin Ong, CEO of Fredley Group of Companies. “We are confident that our combined strengths and passion for tea will result in this exceptional beverage that will captivate tea lovers everywhere, especially during this warm season."

Twinings Brand Manager Jeanne Harn adds, “With the warmer season approaching, this partnership is perfect timing to offer tea enthusiasts a refreshing yet unique summer drink experience with a twist. Enjoy the drinks from morning till evening!”

Make sure to visit any Macao Imperial Tea shop and take a sip of this limited summer drink before it's gone. The six Macao Imperial Tea and Twinings Cool Refreshers are available starting April 13, 2023.

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