OLENS Ocean Velvet Review


OLENS Ocean Velvet

OLENS is not stopping in releasing new collections this year! In connection with their new muse, they release another set of 1 day lenses that are more natural looking even if the colors are lighter than their other collection. 

OLENS is the No.1 Korean premium color contact lens with its goal to promote “Beauty and Healthy eyestyling” values all over the world. They released a new collection last month called Ocean Velvet. Ocean Velvet has a natural size and pattern with high pigmented color graduation which makes it more vibrant. It also has an enhanced color changing effect. 

Ocean Velvet is made out of Puscon that’s why it is comfortable to wear everyday especially for those who have sensitive eyes. Puscon is the safest material for lenses, has a strong hydration shell, prevents protein deposition and has a strong UV block function. 

Ocean Velvet is available in dailies and has 3 colors to choose from: Green, Hazel and Gray. But for this review, we will be focusing on Green and Hazel colors. 

I love that these lenses are still comfortable to wear like their other daily lenses. The colors are more vibrant and noticeable, which I love since I have dark colored eyes. These lenses are good to wear if you have special events and perfect for your smokey eye makeup looks. New Jeans, their newest muse are also using this collection, more specifically Danielle. 

This new lens is available in dailies which cost $21 (Php1100) with 10 lenses per box. There is also a promotion going on till April 16, the 2023 Cherry Blossom Styling. 17% double coupons for selected products, member exclusive gifts. For more details, you can check this link: https://olensglobal.com/customer/event.php?mode=read&board=trending_now&bbs_ix=00000072

Also now, OLENS made it easier to supply your lenses. OLENS is available now in Shopee. Check this link: https://shopee.ph/olens_official.ph. Happy shopping!