New lenses from OLENS, the Ending!


OLENS is the No.1 premium color contact lens from South Korea. Their goal is to promote “Beauty and Healthy eyestyling” values all over the world. They also just introduced their new muse, New Jeans. OLENS will not be “Ending” their continuous release for new lenses. As for this month, they release their new lens, the Ending colored lenses.

Ending has a natural color change with a calm and soft design. It has a natural enlarging effect on your eyes. It also has a subtle yet mesmerizing look due to its color pattern. It has a graphic diameter of 13.2mm and is made out of Puscon. For those who don’t know, Puscon is the safest material for lenses. It has a strong hydration shell, prevents protein deposition and strong UV block function which makes it comfortable to wear daily. 

Ending is available in 3 colors: Brown, Gray and Olive. But in this review, we will feature only the Brown and Gray color. Both colors are great even for dark colored eyes like mine. It has a light color but not that very light that is so noticeable to look at. It is also so comfortable to wear, perfect for those who want to use it everyday. It is perfect for everyday look and for parties as well. 

You can purchase this in dailies with 10pcs per box (5 pairs). Every box costs around $21 (Php 1200). New Jeans’ Hani uses Ending Brown while Minji uses Ending Gray, so if you are a fan of New Jeans, this is a must buy! 

You can go to this link to purchase these lenses: Use my code “MARICAAARRV10” for a discount when you purchase this lens. 

Also now, OLENS made it easier to supply your lenses. OLENS is available now in Shopee. Check this link: Happy shopping!