Joshua Garcia kicks mental heat with new Sprite Lemon+


 Joshua Garcia Sprite

Stressed sa biyahe? Sabaw sa work? Kick it with the new Sprite Lemon+, a refreshing beverage packed with an intense lemon kick to help reinvigorate the senses whenever you’re feeling distracted, slow-witted, or just overwhelmed with life. This extra lemon-flavored soft drink also has added caffeine to help wake up the mind plus Vitamin B3 so you can kick it up and help power through the day.

Joshua Garcia as the face of Sprite Lemon+ 

Model and actor Joshua Garcia can be seen featured across the different Sprite Lemon+ materials depicting the most common mental heat situations. 

Like all working zillenials, Garcia leads a fast-paced life juggling multiple responsibilities. A young and in-demand talent, he knows all too well the challenges that come with a busy schedule. Throw in his school commitments and every day becomes a constant balancing act. It is in those challenging times that he needs an intense but refreshing kick—an extra zesty boost to clear away the brain fog and pull him up whenever he’s feeling stuck. 

Asked about how he deals with intense long days, Garcia offered this zesty advice on what he does when life gets intense and overwhelming: “Having a hustle mindset and dealing with the day-to-day grind can sometimes lead to sabaw moments or mental fatigue. It helps to take a break, so you can refresh your mind and your senses.” 

He adds, “Thankfully, I can always rely on Sprite Lemon+. The intense and zesty lemon flavor is the perfect kick I need when I’m feeling lutang or overwhelmed. Saktong sakto, lalo na pag feeling sabaw ka na.” 

“We’ve partnered with Joshua Garcia because he is who Sprite Lemon+ was made for, someone who works hard and keeps up with the daily challenges of a busy lifestyle. Sprite Lemon+ is here to help multi-faceted zillennials like him to stay on track of their responsibilities and overcome the most challenging days,” said Cesar Gangoso, Frontline Marketing Director - ASP East Cluster (PH, VN, KH). 

Intense lemon kick for intense long days 

Intense long days that leave you feeling overwhelmed will call for something similarly intense, like the new Sprite Lemon+ and its intense lemon kick. With the burst of extra lemon flavor, this added pampagising can awaken your senses, gain back your mental clarity and help get you back on track. 

“Combining the delicious taste of Sprite with an invigorating extra lemon bite, the new Sprite Lemon+ also comes with the added benefits of caffeine and Vitamin B3, delivering a refreshingly zesty experience that will instantly awaken your senses,” added Gangoso.

Feeling the mental heat? Kick it with the new Sprite Lemon+. Try it today, now available at Lazada and in leading convenience stores and supermarkets nationwide. For more details, follow Sprite Philippines on Facebook and Instagram and its official hashtags #SpriteLemonPH and #SpriteLemonPLUS.