Let's Compare! OLENS Scandi vs Smoky in Olive


One of my favorite colors for my contact lens is Olive. Thankfully, OLENS has a lot of Olive color to choose from. But on all of those collections that they have, my favorites are Scandi and Smoky. So for this article, we will compare these two collections. 

OLENS is the No.1 premium color contact lens from South Korea. Their goal is to promote “Beauty and Healthy eyestyling” values all over the world. They cater to a lot of kinds of lenses, from natural looking to colorful to light colored lenses. Two of their best lenses are the Scandi and Smoky collection in both Olive colors. 

Blackpink Jennie Scandi Olive

Scandi Olive has a light gold shade and has no edge on its design. It has a graphic diameter of 11.9mm which is smaller than their other lenses. It has a realistic color change which blends well to our eyes, especially to Asian colored eyes. Scandi is available in 1 month and daily duration. Scandi is also available in other colors: Aqua, Hazel, Light Gray and Gray. It costs $21 (Php 1150) for 1 day and $29 (Php 1600) for monthly.This lens is also known to be Blackpink Jennie’s contact lens. 

Blackpink Lisa OLENS Smoky Olive

Smoky Olive has a natural enlarging effect, it has a soft and calm pattern. It has a graphic diameter of 13.3mm. It can make you feel empowered because of its maximize exotic shade. It is also available in other colors: Brown and Gray. Smoky is available in dailies. It costs $21 (Php 1150) for 1 day. This lens is also known to be Blackpink Lisa’s contact lens. 

Both lenses are made out of Puscon. Puscon is the safest material for contact lenses. It also has a strong hydration shell, it prevents protein deposition and has a strong UV-block function. It really is comfortable to wear and it doesn’t irritate my sensitive eyes. Both are also light colored lenses which make it good to use for events and parties. 

They also both have natural color change to the eyes, which make it also good for everyday use. It will now depend on how light you want to for your eyes. Smoky appears to be lighter in color than Scandi so it is more noticeable to the eyes. If you want a more natural look for your eyes, you can choose Scandi. 

If you want to purchase both lenses and to learn more about their other collections, visit the Olens Global website using this link – https://olensglobal.com and use my promo code “MARICAAARRV10” for an additional 10% off when you checkout. OLENS is available now in Shopee. Check this link: https://shopee.ph/olens_official.ph. Add it to your cart now!