What becomes of the business-minded? 9 reasons why studying in Mapua Malayan Colleges Laguna is what you need


Every student in Mapúa Malayan Colleges Laguna (Mapúa MCL) who walks through their doors is given the chance to explore their full potential. They take pride in new business program offerings, enhanced by its collaboration with one of the world’s top-ranked innovative colleges, Arizona State University (ASU).

Picture this scenario: you’ve finished college applications and entrance exams, and now everyone is anticipating admission decisions. Between trying to decide which course to take and having parents and cousins sharing stories of why college is the best time of anyone’s life, it does get overwhelming. Then there’s the family ‘business’ – doctors, lawyers, nurses – to consider. Or the literal family business. This means picking the right college with the best business program is the next quandary. 

Just South of Greater Manila is Mapúa Malayan Colleges Laguna (Mapúa MCL). Every student who walks through their doors is given the chance to explore their full potential. They take pride in new business program offerings, enhanced by its collaboration with one of the world’s top-ranked innovative colleges, Arizona State University (ASU). 

Arizona State University (ASU) has been ranked the no. 1 most innovative university in the U.S. ahead of MIT and Stanford for 8 consecutive years by U.S. News & World Report. ASU is among the top 1% of universities worldwide, ranked by the Center for World University Ranking 2022-2023, and among the top 150 universities worldwide by the Shanghai Ranking, 2022. The groundbreaking collaboration between Mapúa schools and Arizona State University focused on Business and Health Sciences programs. 

Students now have access to an immersive internationalized education, interacting with faculty and students from all over the world. Mapúa MCL transforms the collegiate experience by combining theoretical studies with real-world case scenarios, setting their graduates up for future success. 

Need more reasons why Mapúa MCL is cool for school? No spoilers here, so do read on.

  1. Mapúa MCL’s business programs are built on the legacy of its mother institution, Mapúa University, which has been recognized as among the top four universities in the country. Imagine joining the workforce with a world-class education in your back pocket. 
  2. The groundbreaking partnership with Arizona State University! IYKYK! It’s pretty cool that Mapúa MCL students have courses enhanced by ASU curriculum while continuing to pay a local tuition fee. Plus, they get a chance to join student exchange programs in the U.S. and other parts of the world. 
  3. Hybrid learning is the way to go! The state-of-the-art Mapúa MCL-ASU Global Classroom delivers synchronous classes led by renowned faculty and industry leaders from ASU and other partner international universities. This fosters cultural diversity and encourages collaborative learning. Students also get a holistic and globalized view of the rapidly shifting business landscape.
  4. Students get the opportunity to join the ASU-Cintana Summer Experience. Students like Business Administration major Kiel Enrique Domingo get to spend two weeks in an educational yet fun immersion on-site at Arizona State University. Check out interactive workshops, inspirational lectures, and all kinds of activities - focused on building sustainable and innovative solutions for the world’s toughest challenges - while making new friends and having lots of fun. 
  5. Learn from the best beyond the textbook! Masterclasses are delivered by top business leaders such as Mr. Bong Consing (President and CEO of Ayala Corp). Mapúa MCL leverages on the expertise of these pillars of the business community alongside that of its rockstar faculty members. Students benefit from a theoretical foundation for their studies and real-world scenarios through various symposia led by C-Level executives.
  6. Now let’s talk about the university's vast network of industry connections - among the country’s top corporations – leveraging Yuchengco Group of Companies and Ayala Corp! This underscores the relevance and practicality of the business program offerings, as these connections give students an edge when it’s time for internships and job placement. 
  7. Up the anté on graduate employability stats via microcredentials offerings. Mapúa MCL students can pick through several short courses and studies that give them soft skills and practical knowledge to complement their collegiate studies. It’s almost like a 1-2 punch in jumping ahead of the application game. 
  8. Mapúa MCL has always prided itself on being a safe space for the students as they journey through the learning curve that is their college years. Non-academic activities allow the kids to explore their passions while sharpening their skills and talents. Being in a university that champions excellence at every step is the key to success!
  9. If there is a clear example of the positive impact Mapúa MCL education can bring, it is the success of their alumni. Mark Earl Angelo Antonio once walked their halls, completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Accountancy. He subsequently completed his graduate studies overseas. He now works as a Senior Consultant at Ernst & Young UK & Ireland, doing his part in transforming the industry he is working in. Their experience at Mapúa MCL became a defining moment as they embarked on their careers. 
A solid education is so essential in this highly competitive space that young people find themselves in. Being able to study in an institution like Mapúa Malayan Colleges Laguna sets graduates of its Business Programs apart from the madding crowd. Having a globalized and internationalized perspective on a constantly shifting industry landscape delivers that competitive edge for future careers. This is the goal set by Mapúa MCL, and their vision is to keep pushing the country’s next generation of business leaders.