Coloura releases Love and Influence, an EP that maps the inevitable collapse of a romantic relationship

Coloura Love and Influence

Filipino indie quartet Coloura returns with another sharp and hard-hitting EP about the many facets of love.

On their new mini album, Love and Influence, the Cebu-based band dissects the highs and lows of romantic commitment with unapologetic, in-your-face honesty. 

“The songs on the EP cover the themes of staying in love, obsessive love, self-love, and acceptance,” shares the eclectic four-piece. “Vocalist and guitarist Jake Relacion wrote most of the lyrics of the songs except the hook/chorus for “Ecstasy” which was written by our bassist Robert Lim.”

Love and Influence arrives on the heels of the release of its lead single “Ecstasy,” which explores the intense and almost trance-like emotions that one experiences when infatuated with someone.

Brimming with plush synth arrangements and subdued electro-pop melodies, the song was written based from Jake Relacion’s previous romantic encounter. "I was trying to reminisce about the feeling of being overly in love with someone,” the Coloura frontman recounts. 

Other songs included in Love and Influence are “I’ll Be Yours (Forever),” “Never Been Better,” “Tendencies,” and “Happy,” all of which providing a glimpse of what is to come for their upcoming full-length album to be released soon under Melt Records. 

“This EP is our last one before we venture out to making a full album/LP, and we would like to take our time with the whole process, since we will do our best to document every step of our way,” Coloura reveals. “This EP will most likely have our very first few music videos so stay tuned for that one.”

Coloura’s 5-track EP, Love and Influence is out now on all digital/streaming platforms worldwide via Melt Records.