Bridging the Digital Divide: PLDT Home Launches The Learning Hub for QC Community


In a significant move towards fostering digital inclusivity and empowering Filipino communities, PLDT Home, in collaboration with Zone V Camera Club and the Virlanie Foundation, has unveiled The Learning Hub in Barangay Bagong Silangan, Quezon City. This initiative represents a commitment to bridging the digital divide by providing reliable broadband internet connectivity, linking Filipino students to the global community, and offering access to quality learning resources. The Learning Hub aims not only to enhance educational opportunities but also to unlock livelihood prospects for low-income families.

The Learning Hub aspires to be a free-to-use learning space for Filipino children, equipped with fast internet connections from PLDT Home and essential learning tools such as computers with digital applications. By providing these resources, the initiative seeks to ensure that every learner has access to the vast global databank of the internet, promoting a digitally-inclusive Philippines.

Alfredo S. Panlilio, Director, President, and CEO of PLDT and Smart Communications, expressed the company's long-standing commitment to building a digitally-inclusive Philippines. He highlighted the significance of connectivity as a human right and emphasized the project's goal of providing quality education to leave no learner behind. The Learning Hub aligns with PLDT's mission to empower communities through technology.

The Zone V Camera Club, a key contributor to the initiative, donated gadgets to be used in the communities. Angela Panlilio, President of the Zone V Camera Club, expressed excitement about the transformative impact The Learning Hub will have on beneficiary communities. She emphasized the profound potential for graduating students to positively influence their family's life and spoke about the club's honor in being part of such meaningful change.

The Virlanie Foundation, an organization dedicated to providing a safe space for children of abuse, also voiced its support for The Learning Hub. Arlene Fernandez, Executive Director of Virlanie Foundation, praised the program as a helpful initiative aligned with the foundation's goals of providing quality education to children.

The Learning Hub is not just a short-term initiative; it aims to be sustainable, aligning with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). By supporting SDG 1: No Poverty and SDG 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth, the initiative contributes to PLDT and Smart's broader goal of promoting technologies that foster educational and livelihood opportunities.

The launch of The Learning Hub marks a significant step towards creating a digitally-inclusive Philippines. PLDT Home, along with its partners, is dedicated to empowering Filipino communities by providing essential resources and connectivity. As The Learning Hub aims to bridge the digital divide, it also aligns with broader sustainability goals, contributing to the UN SDGs and promoting lasting positive change in the lives of Filipino students and their families.