Discover the Delight: Embrace Zero Sugar Drinks for a Healthier You


Zero Sugar Drinks

Maintaining good health and shifting to a healthier lifestyle have always been key goals for many Filipinos. Aside from eating nutritious meals and exercising daily, they also look for better dietary options that allow them to enjoy their favorite meals without compromising flavor.

To support the journey of Filipinos in achieving healthier versions of themselves, Pepsi-Cola Products Philippines, Inc. (PCPPI) has brought zero sugar beverages for customers to enjoy. These include Gatorade No Sugar, Mountain Dew Zero Sugar, 7Up Zero Sugar, and the new Pepsi Zero Sugar Lime. 

Gatorade No Sugar

“PCPPI recognizes the need for healthier beverage options. Our zero sugar drinks help customers make more mindful choices, especially with the food and drinks they consume. By taking these small steps, we are optimistic that customers in the Philippines will be able to enjoy refreshing, delicious drinks without compromising their health,” said PCPPI Chief Commercial Officer Lyndon Cuadra. 

For those with active lifestyle, Gatorade No Sugar is definitely the go-to beverage. Aside from being sugar-free, it also has zero calories. Bringing a bottle of Gatorade No Sugar a day may keep one properly hydrated especially in the humid Philippine weather. 

Mountain Dew Zero Sugar

Mountain Dew Zero Sugar brings out a familiar bold taste with a kick in every sip. It has the same exhilarating charge and bold spirit of adventure as the original Mountain Dew without the sugar. 

Giving the same natural lemon lime flavor loved across generations, 7Up Zero Sugar is the perfect drink to partner with meals. 

Quench your thirst with these refreshing and energizing zero sugar drinks, which are available in stores nationwide!