Tips and 5 Recommended Characters for Beginner Players of Genshin Impact RPG


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When we download a game, whether on mobile, pc, or other devices, we will ask and be curious about how we play it, how we update and use the characters every time we play. In this article, we will talk about tips for beginner players in Genshin Impact top up and some recommended characters that can be used in the beginner class. So, stay focused and check the information below.

What Exactly Genshin Impact?

Before we get into the topics, let's first define Genshin Impact. Genshin Impact is a game developed by MiHoYo. This game is one of the free open-world action and adventure role-playing games. Released on September 28, 2020, the game may be played on consoles, PCs, and mobile devices. 

After a player reaches level 16, they can play across platforms. In Genshin Impact, exploration and adventure play a big role in the gameplay due to the game's open-world setting. There are more than fifty characters in Genshin Impact, and each one has unique abilities and spells. 

The player can switch between characters with a single click, even in the middle of a combat, so they are not limited to developing only one throughout the game.

Tips for Beginner Players of Genshin Impact Game

If you are beginner of this game, you should know that there are some tips for you before playing, such as: 

1. Explore the world

When we play the game for the first time, we are advised to explore the open-world setting to solve puzzles and find treasures. At this time, we can use it as a starting point to learn the features of genshin impact. There are many features in Genshin Impact, by time of playing, we will automatically learn the function and to use it.

2. Play around with characters 

Try out a few different characters by learning what each one is capable of once you've experimented with them. Additionally, we are free to update and utilize them whenever we like. It's critical to experiment with characters to learn about their capabilities and what makes them enjoyable to play with.

3. Understanding Elemental Interactions

Gain an understanding of elemental relationships between characters and adversaries in order to craft effective combinations and tactics.

4. Invest on better equipment

To raise the performance and stats of your characters, regularly update your weapons and artifacts. Take part in daily tasks to level up your characters and receive rewards.

5. Prepare meals and converse with statues

To heal and increase the stats of your characters, prepare meals for them. Additionally, you may level up your characters and obtain resources by interacting with those seven statues.

6. Prioritize character stats above setting benefits for artifacts from the outset

Before committing, characters must be tested. Before investing money on purchasing characters who are currently in the wishing banners, use trials to test them out.

5 Recommended characters for beginner players of Genshin Impact

Because Genshin Impact provides players with a deep and engaging experience to explore and enjoy, keep in mind to take your time. While enjoying the game, we can explore the different characters in Genshin Impact. There are 50 characters you could explore and find their abilities. 5 characters among them are:

  1. Diluc: A formidable Pyro character with a potent single-target strike and a high damage output
  2. Keqing: A flexible Electro character with strong support and damaging skills
  3. Qiqi: A character of healing with powerful cryogenic skills, she is an invaluable member of any squad.
  4. Venti: An excellent option for novices, Venti is an Anemo character with strong crowd management and support skills.
  5. Jean: An excellent all-around option, Jean is a versatile Anemo character with powerful support and damaging skills.
Those are 5 characters that are recommended for you as a beginner. If you want to get more enhanced through this game, you should do a genshin impact top up. By doing a top up you will increase your character abilities, and upgrade their skills for better experience as well.