Introducing Lunar Coffee: A Celestial Brew from Moonleaf Tea Shop


Lunar Coffee

Prepare for a cosmic awakening as Moonleaf Tea Shop unveils its latest creation for 2024: Lunar Coffee.

Embark on a journey beyond the ordinary with Lunar Coffee, the newest addition to Moonleaf's iconic beverage lineup. For years, Moonleaf Tea Shop has been the go-to tambayan and the heartbeat of refreshment for Filipinos, captivating taste buds with innovative concoctions and an unwavering commitment to quality. Now, with Lunar Coffee, they're breaking new ground and reaching for the stars in the world of coffee.

Exclusive to select Moonleaf branches, Moonleaf Matatag, Moonleaf Ever Commonwealth, and Moonleaf Guerilla Marikina. Lunar Coffee invites you to explore a universe of flavors with an extensive selection of 8 flavors. From timeless classics like Americano and Cafe Latte to signature creations such as Spanish Latte and Wintermelon Latte, Moonleaf seizes the moment to serve their most loved blend.

With prices starting from 85 pesos to 149 pesos, Lunar Coffee ensures that the magic of the cosmos is within reach of its customers. Whether you crave an energizing morning boost or a comforting afternoon treat, Lunar Coffee promises to orbit with you in your daily routines.

But the journey doesn’t end there. With Lunar Coffee now available for delivery through foodpanda and GrabFood, the cosmic wonders of Moonleaf's latest creation are just a tap away.

It’s time to put your space suit on because we are exploring the moon with Lunar Coffee!

Visit Moonleaf Tea Shop’s website at or follow their social media via @moonleafteashop & @lunarcoffeebymoonleaf on Facebook and Instagram for inquiries and updates. For tasty treats, shop their refreshing mixes and more thru FoodPanda, Grab Food.