Ben&Ben and Robinsons Malls Unveil Liwanag House with Uplifting Video Campaign


Liwanag House

Ben&Ben, one of the Philippines' most beloved bands, has teamed up with Robinsons Malls to launch an inspiring video campaign celebrating the grand opening of Liwanag House, their latest concept store. This new venture is set to the heartwarming tune of Ben&Ben's hit song "Araw-Araw," perfectly capturing the essence of everyday joy and love.

A Journey Through #OurFavoritePlace

The video follows the nine-piece band's journey through various sections of Robinsons Malls, showcasing the vibrant and welcoming atmosphere that the mall offers. From savoring delicious meals to indulging in some much-needed retail therapy, Ben&Ben members are seen experiencing the simple pleasures of everyday life. The campaign beautifully illustrates the diverse array of activities and offerings at Robinsons Malls, making it an ideal destination for creating cherished memories.

Liwanag House: More Than Just a Store

Robinsons Galleria now proudly hosts Liwanag House, which serves as a central hub for Ben&Ben's activities and interactions with their fans. The band envisions this space not just as a retail outlet, but as a community center where fans can gather for special events, exclusive launches, and personalized experiences. Liwanag House aims to be a welcoming haven for everyone, fostering a sense of community and belonging.

A Night to Remember

In celebration of the grand opening, Ben&Ben recently held a live concert at the atrium of Robinsons Galleria on Saturday, May 18, 2024. The event was a resounding success, with fans filling the venue to enjoy the band's most popular hits. Among the highlights were the viral sensation "Sa Susunod Na Habang Buhay" and their latest single "COMETS," which has already taken digital music platforms by storm.

Experience the Magic

The campaign video, now available on YouTube, offers a glimpse into the magical world of Liwanag House and the daily joys found at Robinsons Malls. It’s an invitation to experience love, happiness, and community every day in a place that feels like home. Watch the video here.

Ben&Ben's partnership with Robinsons Malls through the Liwanag House initiative is a testament to the power of music and community. It’s more than just a store opening; it's about creating a space where everyone feels valued and connected. Visit Robinsons Galleria today and become part of this beautiful journey.

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