HONOR's Durable and Best-Selling HONOR X9b 5G Leads the Philippine Market



Leading smart device provider HONOR kicked off the year with a remarkable series of product launches, starting with the highly anticipated HONOR X9b 5G, followed by the HONOR Magic V2, HONOR X8b, HONOR X7b, and HONOR Magic6 Pro. Among these, the HONOR X9b 5G stands out as the toughest and best-selling smartphone in the X-series and the broader market. Renowned for its durability, this device is designed to withstand accidental drops, sparing users from common smartphone mishaps.

Unmatched Durability

The HONOR X9b 5G has earned its reputation for resilience. Stephen Cheng, Vice President of HONOR Philippines, emphasizes the phone's exceptional durability: “We’re confident that the HONOR X9b 5G’s performance continues to serve Filipinos who are looking for a smartphone that can withstand drops, smashes, and even a runover. It’s still the go-to phone for durability especially for consumers who are more prone to dropping their phone inevitably may it be due to their work, or simply life’s unexpected events.”

HONOR X9b 5G smash test

Before its launch, the HONOR X9b 5G underwent rigorous durability testing, passing the 50-feet drop test, punch test, tile smash test, and even a runover by a vehicle weighing over 2000 kg. This exceptional resilience is attributed to the HONOR Ultra-Bounce Anti-Drop Display, which employs advanced cushioning technology to enhance shock absorption by up to 1.2 times. This ensures the device remains intact even when dropped from a height of 1.5 meters from any angle.

Long-Lasting Battery

Beyond durability, the HONOR X9b 5G is praised for its impressive battery life. Its 5800mAh battery capacity allows the device to run for three days on a single charge, significantly extending productivity for users. Remarkably, the battery maintains optimal health even after three years of usage, earning the device a DXOMARK Gold Label for battery performance. This makes the HONOR X9b 5G a reliable choice for users who need a long-lasting and dependable smartphone.

Superior Camera Capabilities

The HONOR X9b 5G is not just about durability and battery life; it also excels in photography. It features a versatile triple camera system, including a 108MP Ultra-Clear Camera, a 5MP Ultra-Wide Camera, and a 2MP Macro Camera. The 108MP Ultra-Clear Camera captures light effectively, producing images with vivid clarity and detail. Additionally, the camera offers high optical quality with 3X zoom and an advanced motion capture engine, ensuring clear and detailed snapshots, even in motion.

HONOR’s dedication to quality and innovation is evident in the HONOR X9b 5G. With its unparalleled durability, exceptional battery life, and superior camera capabilities, the HONOR X9b 5G remains a top choice for Filipino consumers. Whether for work or life's unexpected events, this smartphone promises to deliver reliable performance and value.

By integrating cutting-edge durability technology with exceptional battery and camera performance, the HONOR X9b 5G continues to dominate the market, providing a robust and reliable smartphone experience for users in the Philippines.

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