realme C65 Set to Make Waves in the Philippines on June 13


realme C65

The highly anticipated realme C65 is poised to hit the Philippine market on June 13, bringing with it a range of features and certifications that set it apart from the competition. Known for its commitment to quality and innovation, realme has ensured the C65 is not just an ordinary smartphone, but a reliable and high-performing device. Here’s why the realme C65 is a standout choice for savvy consumers.

Peak Performance for Four Years

One of the most impressive features of the realme C65 is its 48-month Fluency Rating from TÜV SÜD, a global leader in testing and certification services. This rating ensures that the realme C65 maintains its performance over an extended period, promising a smooth and efficient user experience even after four years of use. This makes the realme C65 a sustainable option that reduces the need for frequent upgrades, saving consumers both time and money.

Eye-Friendly Display with Low Blue Light Certification

In today's digital age, screen time is almost unavoidable. However, prolonged exposure to blue light from screens can cause eye strain and disrupt sleep patterns. The realme C65 addresses this concern with its TÜV Rheinland Low Blue Light Certification, which means it emits significantly lower levels of blue light compared to standard devices. This makes screen time safer and more comfortable, ensuring better eye care for users.

Packed with Real Essentials

realme has equipped the C65 with a suite of Real Essentials, designed to enhance the user experience and maximize the device's capabilities. These features include:
  • Hands-free Air Gestures: Control your device with simple hand movements.
  • Customizable Dynamic Button: Personalize the button functions for quick access.
  • Interactive Mini Capsule 2.0: Offers a more engaging and interactive display.
  • Rainwater Smart Touch: Ensures the device works efficiently even in wet conditions.
  • Smart Code Scan: A quick and easy way to scan codes.
  • Customized Lowest Brightness: Adjusts screen brightness to the lowest comfortable level.
  • AI Boost for Performance: Enhances the device’s performance intelligently.
  • Easy UI Interface during Riding Mode: Simplifies navigation and usability while on the move.
These innovative features make the realme C65 a versatile smartphone that adapts seamlessly to various lifestyles, making everyday tasks easier and more efficient.

Exceptional Value for Money

The realme C65 is a testament to realme’s commitment to offering high-quality performance at an affordable price. Its robust build and versatile features provide exceptional value for money, making it an ideal choice for Millennials and Gen Zs who are looking for a wise investment. The realme C65 ensures users get the best return on their investment with a device that remains reliable and high-performing for years.

With its official launch on June 13, the realme C65 is set to redefine the smartphone experience for Filipino consumers. Combining long-term performance, eye-friendly display technology, and a host of innovative features, the realme C65 is more than just a smartphone—it’s a device built for the future.

By integrating TÜV SÜD and TÜV Rheinland certifications with innovative features and a focus on sustainability, the realme C65 offers a compelling package for those seeking a reliable and high-performing smartphone.

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