Lovers don't finally meet somewhere. They're in each other all along.


last april 17, we celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary. it's true that you don't recognize how swiftly time passes by if you are enjoying every moment of it. four years and we are still enjoying having the house all by ourselves. we do yearn to have a bundle of joy soon and create some chaos to our deafening silent house (haha!!).

i always get the same reaction from people whenever they get to know our love story. they would ask, "how long have you been together before deciding to get married?" with much pride, i'll tell them, " he became my boyfriend when i was 15. we got married when we were 27."

"amazing", is all they could utter.

"continuous?, how did you manage?"

and i'll say, " breaking up was never an option. issues are meant to be resolved."

one question that i always get and still do not know how to answer is, "how did you know that he is the one?"

i actually asked him how did he know that i am the one meant for him. he said, when he saw me, he saw me as the perfect person to be the mother of his children. haha! i don't know, is that something sweet? anyways, let me put it this way. he saw his future with me. now, that's sweet.

and in my case, how did i know it's him i should spend the rest of my life with?

hmm, i actually prayed to God that if ever He would let me in a relationship, i want to marry the first person i fall in love with. i must admit, i'm a hopeless romantic.

then i got a weird dream.

you see, we were in the same school since kinder but we were both unaware of each other's existence. it was only in junior high that we became classmates. we were not supposed to be classmates but due to divine intervention or my stubborness (i think it's the latter), i refused to sit on my original class section because i have no friends there. without the permission of the class advisers i insisted that i want to belong to the section where we ended as classmates. i still was unaware of his existence (i'm a snob!) until i dreamt of him.

in my dream, he was waiting for me by the door during dismissal. we were supposed to walk to the parking lot together.

i woke up asking myself why on earth i had that dream. and who was that guy?

then i noticed that this "guy" has been absent for a week. with lack of something worthy to do, i asked my friend who was in charge of attendance who the guy was, why he's been absent for almost a week, where he sits.

that got me aware that a certain lenin exists.

and that was the guy in my dream.

then he returned to class. found out he got sick. began to notice him.

and hate him.


he's so good in class.

he's a rival.

and i'm no match.

he's way too good.

then i don't know what got into me, i transferred to a seat next to him. i stayed for a few minutes. he mentioned something funny, i laughed.

we've been sharing laughs since then. (and occasional fights)

june 29, 1992.

how many months since then?


more to come.