The latest beauty craze especially for the Asians is the Blemish Balm Cream or most commonly referred to as the BB Cream. I've been reading good reviews about BB Cream and I thought it is about time that I try this product. I was not blessed with a flawless skin. I suffer from breakouts every now and then. When I've read about this product, somehow it gave me hope that I will achieve at least a skin that is close to flawless.
I went to Watsons and saw that the Maybelline brand also carries a BB Cream. The Maybelline Clear Smooth Aqua Gel Foundation works for me and I have been using it for years already so I am hopeful the BB Cream will work for me too.
Maybelline BB Cream

I was kinda hesitant to really buy this because of the "one shade fits all" written on the box. I do not believe that statement.  But the 8 in 1 benefit somehow made me want to try. And who can resist the moisturizes like skin care, protects like sun block (it has SPF26), and covers like foundation it promises.