What Warts?


I have been noticing some unsightly growth on my neck and quite a few on my face but they were really too small to notice. My husband said he was not actually aware that I have warts (or he was just being a darling). Recently though, it seems they have grown in numbers and had me on a panic mode. I decided to visit my dermatologist in Cardinal Santos Medical Center to have them removed.

According to Dr Grace Chua-Ty, these abnormal skin growth are caused by a strain of the human papilloma virus  or the HPV.  These warts could spread from one person to another by using shared objects such as towels, scrubs and even soaps. She told me that these warts are slow growing, but in my case, she said the the reason why it seems to have spread out on my neck and a few on my chest, stomach and back was because of the sponge I use for my bath gel.


I don't just use the sponge to turn the bath gel into lather. I also rub my skin rigorously with the sponge. And thus spread the warts. I also do not wash and dry the sponge under the sun after using. I simply hang it in the bathroom. She told me that if I insists on using bath gel, either I use the sponge one time and then throw (way too expensive to do that!) or use a face towel to lather then make sure the towel is washed and dried after every use (I'm too lazy for that). OR simply use soap.

I still have half a bottle of M&S Essential Extracts Peach and Almond Foam Bath and twice used Estee Lauder Sensuous Silk Shower Cream which I have to discard with a heavy heart. I so love their scents but I'd rather simplify my bath rituals and shift to soap.

The warts marks are already gone after a week. Happy me. I'll be visiting my dermatologist again tomorrow for a facial and some moisturizing treatment.