Bank and Breakfast


Two consecutive days of waking up very early (6am!) for some bank transactions. Today though my trip to the bank is something I always look forward. I went to my beloved China Bank this morning. I love going to this branch because here is where I had my first job after college. I resigned five years later but maintained my account to at least have a good reason to always come back.

This photo was taken a decade ago. The office has been renovated twice already. I did not notice if those ancient looking typewriters (at least they are electric) still exist. All of us in this picture no longer work at China Bank. Hazel is now residing in Singapore, Jeff in Houston, Tom in Australia and I think Benjie is in Canada. And me -- yeah, still in the Philippines.

No more old faces at my former branch. I'm just glad that somehow I'm friends with the new employees. I miss working in the bank BUT I don't want to work again in the bank ;p Anyways, my transactions went smoothly. I stayed there for only 20 minutes with lots of chatting on the side.Unlike my oh so boring, time wasting experience with BPI.

Then we headed to Robinson's Metroeast for breakfast. We were too early the parking is almost empty. I was craving for Pancake House's Tapsilog. Too bad, the restaurant is undergoing renovation. Ended up eating at Red Ribbon.

Pancake House's All Beef Salisbury Steak is way better in terms of taste and presentation compared to CBD's.  And it's cheaper and comes with a slice of cake and a regular size drink.

My husband enjoying the Tocilog. The tocino tasted really good. I don't know though if I'll order it because I can cook that at home.