BPI Express Assist


I'm not fond of going to the bank to do my transactions. I hate the waiting and the filling out of slips. I do everything online. It's the most convenient way of banking for me. My sister was able to make me go to the bank to deposit money for her by bribing me with a sumptuous meal at Gerry's Grill. I agreed because I was so craving for tahong ala pobre.

Note to self: Never talk to Kate whenever I am craving.

Wrong day to transact in a bank. It's a Monday. I should know! I worked in a bank before.

I woke up early this morning (this is very unusual for me!) and then went to BPI. I has been years since I last had a branch transaction. The branch was so full of people. Bad. It means I have to wait for hours. I noticed there are no transaction slips available. I asked the guard for deposit slips and he told me they don't have deposit slips anymore. I have to enter my transactions in the BPI Express Assist machine.

I was horrified. It's my first time to see the machine. I do not know how to use it. The branch is full of people. I might look stupid! I convinced myself that I'll figure out how it works. Most probably it's just like the ATM.

Luckily, the touch screen machine is user friendly. You enter your account number, the transaction you wish to perform (cash and check deposit, withdrawal, bills payments), the transaction amount and then you'll be given a queue number. There's also an option for multiple transactions. When your number is called (I'm N95 and they are serving N53), the teller will simply confirm the transaction. 

I like it. But I  wasted 2 hours waiting for my turn.

Online banking still works  best for me.