Celeteque Dermoscience +


I have been procrastinating my visit to my dermatologist because... well, I do not have any worrisome skin problem as of the moment. I'm supposed to have my monthly facial last January 27 but the traffic really makes me dread leaving the house. I live in Antipolo and I have to pass through Marcos Highway which has been undergoing road repair since June 2011 so the traffic is really bad. Another option is via Valley Golf & Country Club. Of course, no traffic inside Valley Golf but after the gate I'll be passing through Ortigas Extension which is always traffic. Add the fact that Manila Waters has been digging near Ever making the traffic worse than hmmm... ever! OK, I'm just too lazy to go to Cardinal Santos Medical Center.

I'm out of toner and moisturizer. The cold weather here in Antipolo this past two weeks is making my skin dry. I was with my sister last Saturday at Watsons and decided to give Celeteque a try. My sisters have been using this product and they've got good feedbacks.

Celeteque Dermoscience is a product of United Laboratories. The skincare lines include Acne Solution, Advanced Anti-Aging, Brightening, Hydration,  Sun Care and Restorative.

I bought the facial wash, alcohol free-toner and facial moisturizer from the Hydration line. According to the website, this is the skin solution for dry skin caused by frequent washing of the face, environmental conditions, sunburn, medication and other factors.

I purchased the facial moisturizer last Saturday and been using it for 3 days already. I like that it is fragrance free. It feels light on the skin, not greasy. It addressed my problem of having dry flaky skin after washing. No allergic reaction.

Then I purchased the facial wash and the toner this afternoon. The facial was is also fragrance free and non comedogenic. My face felt clean and soft after washing. The toner is alcohol free. It is said to contain Witch Hazel Extract that helps soothe the skin. 

It was the first time I used all the three products this night. Surprisingly, after an hour my skin feels hot. I looked at the mirror and noticed the reddening of my skin on the cheeks area. I sent an message to Celeteque via their website.

I now wonder what went wrong. :( I sense a visit to my dermatologist soon.