Yummy Indulgence at Robinson's Metro East


We went to Robinson's Metro East to have my husband's tennis racquet restrung.  We need to wait for an hour before we can claim it. It's a work week so watching movie is not an option to pass the time. We decided we'll eat instead and just chat.

First stop, Fruitas. We used to buy Summer, Orange juice or Mango shake when Fruitas was just a small cart located on the 2nd floor. It transferred at the cinema level and now occupies a bigger kiosk. I'm glad Fruitas now sells Buko.

Buko shake!

Takoyaki. Spicy sauce. Shredded beef. No mayonnaise. That's how I like it. I was surprised it now costs P27. While my husband doesn't like Takoyaki, I can actually eat two servings of this.

We usually buy the Mega Fries but since we won't be sharing snacks, my husband only bought Potato Corner's Jumbo Fries. Favorite flavor: Sour Cream and Onion. It's been raining here in Antipolo. Thank God for Jeremy Lin, hubby's New York Knicks jacket  is so "in" again.

For dessert, yummy pastillas from Red Ribbon.