The Mandarin Oriental Experience Part Two - The Pool


Amidst the skyscrapers, the busy people in office clothes walking briskly and the perennial traffic along Ayala Avenue is a sanctuary provided by Mandarin Oriental Manila where the ambience is relaxing.

It was so quiet and very conducive for destressing. I almost forgot we were right in the middle of Makati Business District.

The water in the kidney shaped pool is so refreshing. I was wearing my contact lens while swimming and the water does not hurt.

It was a cloudy Sunday afternoon and the wind was chilling. I only dipped for fifteen minutes. It was my husband who enjoyed swimming. I should have brought my iPad had I known the water's too cold.

I really don't know why my skin looked sunburned. I spent longer time eating the yummy bucket of fries than swimming.

If not for the tall buildings, I'll be convinced I'm at a resort somewhere.

I want a romantic dinner here -- but I want poolside restaurant food served :D

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