Manila Hotel Weekend Escape Part Two - The Food


We checked in at Manila Hotel around 1pm and have not eaten lunch yet. Buffet lunch at Cafe Ilang-ilang is until 2:30. I know I will not enjoy a "time pressured" lunch. We opted to have a light meal at the lobby lounge.

The two ladies assigned at the Lobby Lounge were too busy folding table napkins while chatting. We were trying to get their attention for a few minutes but they were too inattentive. We were only two tables away from them. My husband approached them instead and asked for the menu.

After we ordered, the girl started setting the table.

free peanuts!

We waited for fifteen minutes for the food. Enjoyed listening to the old lady playing the piano while waiting. I approached her and asked if it's okay to take a picture of her.

I thanked her and she smiled when I told her she's got the best job in the world! I'm not trying to flatter her. I'm sincere! I know because I also play the piano :)

Iced Tea

Clubhouse Sandwich for hubby

Fish and fries

Verdict: The fish is malansa and the fries too greasy. :(

We stayed in the room the whole afternoon. Then my husband attended their company's 10th Anniversary Celebration. I went down around 8pm. I was actually planning to go to the Tap Room Bar.  I asked the receptionist about the schedule of the Jazz Singer. I still need to wait for one more hour.

Meanwhile, the orchestra was playing a beautiful song. The lobby lounge almost fully occupied by Korean guests. I shared a table with two Korean ladies. They are great audience. They clap after every song.

I only ordered a drink. I don't feel comfortable eating a full meal while sharing a table with strangers. I was glad the lady assigned at the lounge is very attentive! (If I remember it right, her name is Sheila.)

It was past midnight when I got hungry. I called the room service and ordered Kare-Kare (oxtail and tripe cooked in peanut sauce with vegetables).

 The Kare-kare is soooo DELICIOUS!!! The veggies are crunchy and the tripe tender. Very generous serving. This is good for 2-3 persons already and costs only P500.

Verdict: Two thumbs up!!! :D

Breakfast the next morning was at Cafe Ilang-Ilang. I checked out the buffet. I don't know why dishes don't look appealing. May be because of the delicious Kare-kare I had six hours prior to breakfast. I don't feel hungry.

lettuce, cucumber, pineapple and smoked salmon

 beef dimsum, pork roast, bacon and garlic rice

half bowl of congee with a slice of century egg

pork bun and chicken siomai

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