Universal Studios Singapore: Tips on How To Make The Most of Your Day Pass


One of the reasons why we chose to return to Singapore this year instead of Hongkong is Universal Studios. I think I have already developed a love for theme parks. I'm not really fond of the rides because I'm such a coward (hehehe). On the other hand, my hubby is an adventure-seeker. He rides, I take pictures.

See the excitement written all over his face? :D

Tip#1: You must buy a ticket in advance

In order to save time queuing up, it is recommended that you buy your day pass

Ticket Prices for a Day Pass: (updated May 2017)

  • SGD76 (Adult)
  • SGD56 (Child)
  • SGD38 (Senior)
During weekends, there are popular attractions where you'll queue for almost two hours. If you want to skip the regular lines, you might want to purchase a Universal Express. This is almost similar to Disneyland's FastPass except that FastPass is FREE.

The Universal Express costs SGD30 while Universal Express Unlimited costs SGD50. Although price varies depending if it's peak season or off-peak.

Note#1: The Universal Express is valid only for ONE TIME USE at each participating attractions listed below:

  • Monster Rock
  • Lights, Camera, Action
  • Transformers The Ride
  • Battlestar Galactica
  • Accelerator
  • Revenge of the Mummy
  • Treasure Hunters
  • Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure
  • Canopy Flyer
  • Dino-Saurin
  • WaterWorld
  • Shrek 4D Adventure
  • Donkey Live
  • Enchanted Airways
  • Madagascar: A Crate Adventure
  • King Julien's Beach Party-Go-Round
Tip#2: Arrive one hour in advance

The park opens its gates at 10am. But the queue on the entrance gates can get very long. And I'm talking about the entrance gates here. Imagine the queue on the ticket booths if you haven't purchased a ticket yet.

Tip#3: Grab a Studio Guide upon entering the gate

Although the schedules of the shows are not written on the Studio Guide, the park map is very helpful. 

Tip#4: Reserve the shopping later

There are 7 Zones within Universal Studios -- Hollywood, New York, Sci-Fi City, Ancient Egypt, The Lost World, Far Far Away and Madagascar.

Upon entering the gate, the first zone is Hollywood. The only attraction here is the Monster Rock located at the Pantages Hollywood Theater. All the rest are merchandise shop. You can do the shopping later because you'll pass by these shops on the way to exit. Also, there are merchandise shops in each Zone's attractions. But you won't enjoy the rides with your hands full of plastic bags. You will not also be allowed to bring your bags on certain rides. You have to rent a locker.

Note#2: If you see people running upon entering the gate, DO NOT PANIC. They just want to be the first in the queue. And chances are, they are running towards Sci-Fi City. We headed there right away too!


Transformers The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle

My husband tried this first to see if I can endure the thrill. Then he rode second time with me. And rode the third time before we shop.

This ride is one of my favorite attractions. Not at all scary. The effects wowed me. Thrilling and fun. 

The Transformers Supply Vault is a merchandise store where you can buy Transformers collectibles, toys and apparels located upon exit of Transformers The Ride.

The Accelerator

This ride is similar to the teacups of Disneyland. You'll just twirl around. I did not ride this because I'm certain it will make me dizzy. My niece Jobel tried this ride and somehow enjoyed it.

Battlestar Galactica: CYCLON/HUMAN

The Battlestar Galactica is the ultimate thrill ride in Universal Studios Singapore. You can choose between the Battlestar Galactica: Human which is a seated roller coaster and the Battlestar Galactica: Cyclon which is a suspended roller coaster and with an intense corkscrew. My hubby being a big fan of Six Flags rides went for the Cyclon. I don't have enough courage to ride this one. 

What To Do:
  • Battlestar Galactica: CYCLON
  • Battlestar Galactica: HUMAN
  • Transformers the Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle
  • Accelerator
Where To Shop:
  • Galactica PX
  • Transformers Supply Vault
Where To Eat:
  • StarBot Cafe
  • Stardots


Revenge of the Mummy

This is an indoor roller coaster similar to Disneyland's Space Mountain. But the intensity of the Revenge of the Mummy is five times better than Space Mountain. I wonder how we managed to smile for this photo op. I was so dizzy I felt like I'm gonna puke anytime. 

Am I really short or is she very tall???

Guarding the gate

Hubby trying out an Army of Anubis outfit at Carter's Curiosities

What To Do:
  • Revenge of the Mummy
  • Treasure Hunters
Where To Shop:
  • Carter's Curiosities
Where to Eat:
  • Oasis Spice Cafe


King Julien's Beach Party-Go-Round

Madagascar Zone is definitely for the kids. I had fun riding the Party-Go-Round. The carousel has a magical effect on me. I feel like a child again.

Madagascar: A Crate Adventure

This is a fun riverboat ride. Somehow this ride allowed as to cool off. It was almost lunch time and the temperature started to rise.

Gloria's Snack Shack

We decided to have our lunch at Gloria's Snack Shack. The menu consists of a selection of Japanese favorites.

I had the Ebi Tempura Bento. This is soooo delish. I think this costs SGD7.50 and comes with a drink.

What To Do:
  • Madagascar: A Crate Adventure
  • King Julien's Beach Party-Go-Round
  • Madagascar Boogie (street entertainment)
Where To Shop:
  • Penguins Mercantile
Where To Eat:
  • Marty's Casa Del Wild Food Court
  • Gloria's Snack Shack


Monster Rock

We returned to Hollywood to watch the Monster Rock. Located at Pantages Hollywood Theater, this huge indoor theater has a 1,500-seat capacity. This rock and roll musical is a MUST watch. Take note of the schedule because there are only 3 shows available.

Daddy O's

The Hang Ten Hipsters

There are street entertainments at the Hollywood Zone. We were able to catch the Daddy O's. The Mel Drive In waitresses also perform.

What To Do:
  • Monster Rock
  • Mel's Dinettes (street entertainment)
  • Daddy O's (street entertainment)
  • Lake Hollywood Spectacular (pyrotechnics show)
Where To Shop:
  • Universal Studios Store
  • Star Characters
  • The Dark Room
  • Silver Screen Collectibles
  • SuperStar Candies
  • The Brown Derby
  • That's a Wrap
Where To Eat:
  • Celebrity Cafe & Bakery
  • Hollywood China Bistro
  • Mel's Drive In


Shrek 4D Adventure

Another fun experience is the Shrek 4D Adventure. It was like being a part of Shrek and Fiona's fairytale. 

Donkey Live

Donkey Live is an interactive show where you can have a chance to talk to Donkey. 

Donkey is so playful and funny. And he is a good singer. *wink*wink*

Fairy Godmother's Potion Shop

You'll find Shrek merchandise from the Potion Shop. And if you are lucky like us, you might bump into the Fairy Godmother.

Wake me up only for versarchery

I let my hair down only for versarchery

What To Do:
  • Shrek 4D Adventure
  • Donkey LIVE
  • Enchanted Airways
  • Magic Potion Spin
Where To Shop:
  • Fairy Godmother's Potion Shop
Where To Eat:
  • Goldilocks
  • Friar's
  • Fairy Godmother's Juice Bar


Time to meet the Dinosaurs at Jurassic Park

My head for lunch

and hubby's leg for dinner.

Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure

Tip#5: There's a high probability you'll get wet. Ride the Rapids in the afternoon.

Although there's a vending machine for a plastic coat that sells for SGD3.00 (Sentosa gave this for free during the Songs of the Sea Show when it rained very hard) I prefer not to buy and experience the fear and the anticipation of getting wet. And I was actually lucky, I got out very dry. :D And if ever you get wet, there's a drying pod available but you have to pay SGD5.


This is a live water show that we failed to watch. And it's a MUST watch. :(

What To Do:
  • Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure
  • Canopy Flyer
  • Dino-Soarin
  • Amber Rock Climb
  • WaterWorld
Where To Shop:
  • Jurassic Outfitters
  • The Dino-Store
Where To Eat:
  • Discovery Food Court
  • Fossil Fuels


Lights, Camera, Action! Hosted by Steven Spielberg

One word to describe this attraction -- MAGNIFICENT! You must watch to understand why. You'll forget you are inside an empty sound stage.

I must ran away from Cookie Monster. He wants to get the cookies on my shirt! :D

Guess who?!

The Rockafellas

Yes, they've got the moves. This street entertainment is a delight to watch. I've also heard that two of the dancers are Filipinos.

This was our last stop before we went shopping. (Hubby had another go of the Transformers ride)

What To Do:
  • Lights, Camera, Action! Hosted by Steven Spielberg
  • The Rockafellas (street entertainment)
  • Sesame Street Stage Shows
Where To Eat:
  • Loui's NY Pizza Parlor
  • KT's Grill
  • KT's Bar

Honestly, a day pass is not enough. You will need at least two days to enjoy everything in Universal Studios Singapore. So yeah, I plan to return :D