Sarah Geronimo Version 2.0


I watched when a very special love changed the life of Laida Magtalas. Then I saw the teaser of John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo's newest movie before the Holy Week. I got really excited. And it was great when I found out that my sisters were as excited.

Here's the teaser I was talking about..

The movie's first day screening was Black Saturday. As expected, moviegoers especially die-hard fans of the John Lloyd-Sarah love tandem rushed to cinemas. Me and my sisters decided to wait a week later before watching to avoid the long queue.

And so we watched this afternoon. I did not expect every seat in the cinema to be filled because it's a Monday and it's already the 2nd week of showing. But yeah, only a few seats were unoccupied. I'm not fond of watching again a movie I have already seen but this movie is one of the few included in my "must watch again" list.

I loved this movie because I learned something about forgiveness. I know there are lots of pa-kilig and patama quotes from John Lloyd and Sarah. But what really hit me was what Laida's mom told her about forgiveness.


Watch na lang kayo :D