Wear It Your Way With Wacoal


Women are born versatile and capable of multi-tasking. We can have a very fulfilling career, spend quality time with our loved ones and still manage to enjoy a ME time. 

During my ME time, I love dressing up even if I plan to just have a lazy afternoon reading in a coffee shop or have a simple meal at my favorite restaurant. And if I'm in the mood to shed off the excess calories, I head to the nearest sports park to sweat it all out.

Whatever activity we have planned for the day, it is essential that we have an undergarment that suits our lifestyle. Ladies we always want to have it our way, right? You can now wear it your way with Wacoal.  This conventional bra can be worn as a strapless bra for your sexy tops, a one-sided halter for your stylish dress and as a center-halter when you are up to an activity where you don't want to worry about the straps falling off.