DIY: Maid's Bedroom and Bath Decor


It has been eight months since we moved in to our new house. I have done some decorating and improvements on most parts of the house but I have not given any attention to the maid's bedroom and bath simply because we do not have a maid (and I don't plan to hire). The room is so bare and every time I enter, I want to do something about it. 

We've decided to convert the maid's room into a sitting room. We had a chest-like cabinet customized where we keep our cleaning stuff.  Then we bought a custom cut  foam from Uratex. I have yet to buy a fabric and sew a cover. 

The maid's bathroom is also very plain. The room has a nice Kohler toilet bowl and sink. But the tiles are just ordinary white bath tiles. I've been wanting to try putting some decals on the wall. I decided that today is the day. I went to Handyman and Japan Home Store.

I was diligently following the instruction with the first few stick-ons. But then it got very confusing.

And it doesn't feel fun anymore. I think I'll never go wrong with the flowers and branches even if I do not follow the instruction. So I discard the instruction sheet and did it on my own.

It only took me fifteen minutes to finish this DIY project.

Honestly, I've been procrastinating this project because I'm not sure if I'll be able to do this kind of wall art.  I'm ecstatic with the result. Glad to know I can. And I plan to put decals too on the two other bathrooms :D