My Citibank Smile Story


I was kinda feeling depressed today. Probably the gloomy weather is partly responsible. Also, it was my mom's 3rd death anniversary yesterday. I miss her everyday. I needed to snap out of this depression and so I logged into my facebook account.

And this made me SMILE

Congratulations to Ms. ROSELLE TOLEDO! You're the lucky cardholder who will receive an iPad Mini as a token for sharing your Smile story with us.
We hope this little gift makes you smile. 

Ever since 2000, I only have a Citibank Credit Card. I decline offers of other credit card companies because I do not see the need for another card. It's my first time to join a Citibank Promo and luckily I won. I did not really expect to win. I was just so happy with the Reward Points that allowed me and my husband to purchase the new shoes.

And by the way, most of the Reward Points I've accumulated were from the Chemotherapy of my mom paid using Citibank. And the announcement that I won the iPad mini came a day after my mom's anniversary. It was like telling me that I should not be sad and there is always a reason to smile. 

In an instant, my sadness turned to gladness.